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While we don't need them to keep our pants up anymore, suspenders are great additions to all sorts of costumes and are the finishing touch for many. Find costume suspenders in heaps of colours and styles here! Costume suspenders are an easy way to add an element of colour and fun to your costume.

What are Suspenders Used For?

Suspenders used to fill the role of belts when they were unable to be worn, and were even at times considered underwear! Nowadays they are less common and more used for fashion that function, and at Spotlight we have heaps of easy-to-attach costume suspenders to choose from that clip directly onto your pants.

To stop them slipping off the shoulders, suspenders are usually crossed over at the back and clipped onto the opposite side.

There are heaps of costumes that use suspenders and don't require much else from you to pull them off - try an Oktoberfest-style outfit, become Marty McFly or even a classic fireman costume.

What Kinds Of Party Suspenders Can I Find At Spotlight?

At Spotlight we have suspenders in a variety of colours and styles, including:

  • Rainbow clown suspenders - striped in gorgeous bright colours, our rainbow dress up suspenders (also known as clown suspenders) are a great way to add colour to a costume and are commonly paired with jester or clown costumes.
  • Metallic and sequin suspenders - add a little class and shine to your costume with metallic suspenders. Choose from warm gold and cool silver for your metallic dress up suspenders and pair them with other metallic or glitter costume accessories for a cohesive look.
  • Colourful party suspenders - become the life of the party with a pair of simple but colourful party suspenders. Choose from a great selection of colours and pair your dress up suspenders with a matching hat, glasses or another accessory. Dress up for St Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, Halloween or any occasion with easy party suspenders.

Don't forget, Spotlight also sells complete costume sets for both kids and adults. You can find them, as well as party decorations and event supplies, over on our online party page!

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Discover suspenders, costumes and so much more at Spotlight! You can make your purchases online and organise for click and collect or home delivery, or head into your local Spotlight store and our team will help you find the right suspenders in person.

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