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Decorate Like A Pro With Edible Glitters And Dusts From Spotlight

Give your baked goods a luxurious edge with some of the edible glitter or dust from the range at Spotlight! Our beautiful baking dust and glitters are easy to apply, safe to eat and can transform your desserts from drab into fab!

At Spotlight we've got heaps of edible dust powders and glitters for you to choose from, provided by well-known brands like Roberts, Wilton and Sprinks. Beautiful metallic colours like gold, silver, bronze and copper are all available, as well as iridescent pearl, green and pink shades as well.

How do I use edible glitters and dust?

In order for your edible glitter dust to adhere, it needs to be used on a dessert that is slightly moist or sticky. Desserts with fresh frosting, buttercream or warm chocolate are perfect for using baking glitter dust on, as they will quickly stick to them and stay there.

Simply shake your glitter or dust over your dessert so it is applied in a thin, even layer, or use your fingers to sprinkle or even rub the dust on instead.

Edible dust and glitter FAQs

What is edible glitter and dust?

Edible glitter and dust and decorative additions for desserts will add a metallic or iridescent shine to baked goods. They come in all sorts of colours, although metallic colours like gold, silver and copper are the most common.

Are edible glitters and dust allergen-free?

High-grade baking dust and glitters should not contain common allergens like gluten, egg, nuts or dairy, and most will be completely vegan, so are safe for everyone to eat! If you are worried about allergens, please make sure to check the ingredient list on all your baking glitter and edible dust colours.

What is edible glitter made of?

Edible glitter and dust are usually made from sugar, cornstarch, gum arabic and added colours, including mica pigments for that metallic shine. It's important to check the labels on any potential glitters or dusts you are thinking of using - make sure they always say 'edible', rather than 'non-toxic' or 'decorative use only'.

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Find the right edible glitter and dust at Spotlight

Ready to shop for dessert-making supplies for your next event? Browse edible glitter and dust online at Spotlight, pay your way and we'll deliver your baking glitter dust straight to your front door. If you'd prefer to shop in person, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right edible glitter dust for your dessert.

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