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What is the difference between liquid, gel and powdered food colouring?

Liquid food dye

Liquid food colouring creates a soft colour and is added by the drop to your mix. Because this colouring has a liquid element, care needs to be taken when using it to make sure it doesn't imbalance your mixture. Avoid using it if you are making chocolate or a dry mix.

Gel food dye

Gel food colouring is stronger than liquid food dye and produces a more concentrated colour. You can add less gel than you would liquid and get the same result - it's ideal for recipes where too much liquid could ruin your batch.

Powdered food dye

Powdered food colouring is the strongest kind of food dye and will make a deep, dark colour when used. Only a little is needed to make a lot of colour, and powdered food dye won't mess with your recipe because it has no wet ingredients.

Other ways to colour your cakes

Cake paint is a fun way to decorate a cake that has already been baked. You can literally 'paint' your colour onto the outside of your cake - cake paint also allows you to create precise designs with a brush on your cake, just like you would on canvas. Want even finer designs? Try using food pens or food colour spray and a stencil!

What are some flavour combinations I can make?

Spotlight has a great selection of food flavourings available - here are some flavour combos using our cake flavouring essences sure to delight your friends and family!

  • Salted caramel + toffee apple - recreate the classic fĂȘte food of toffee apples dipped into salted caramel - yum!
  • Honeycomb + banana - the sweetness of honey pairs well with the soft, pleasant flavour of banana.
  • Vanilla + rose - vanilla is great on its own, but adding a hint of rose will create a floral aftertaste that you'll love. Use vanilla essence instead of vanilla flavour for a stronger vanilla taste.

Feel free to create your own combinations featuring your own flavours! Try recreating your favourite sweet treats with Spotlight's flavour essences and cake colouring, and don't forget to add tasty toppings like coloured icing and cute sprinkles!

Find the right food colouring and flavours at Spotlight

Bake like a pro using Spotlight's incredible range of food dyes and flavour essences. Make your order online and choose from home delivery or click and collect options, or feel free to visit your local Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right food colouring and flavours for your recipe.

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