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Our cookie cutters will add a professional look to your homemade cookies other baking creations. Discover our range of baking accessories online today!

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Can I purchase Cutters and Shapes from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for the perfect way to add a professional look to your baking, then our selection of cutters and shapes could be a great way to go. Use our fabulous cutters to create cookies for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or any other special event. Children will love getting involved with decorating these incredible shapes whether you are working with dough, fondant, or chocolate, there are cutters and shapes for you amongst this fabulous selection. With such a wide choice of top-quality products available, plus bargains galore across the entire collection, shop bakeware at Spotlight today.

How do I purchase Cutters and Shapes from Spotlight?

Shop our full range of Cutters and Shapes online through our safe and secure website, and follow the instructions right through to check out and your purchase will be delivered to your door in 2-5 days. You can also call into one of our nationwide stores, where our team of assistants will be happy to help you choose the perfect cookie cutter or shape for your baked delight.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a variety of cutters and shapes that will ensure that your culinary creations are baked to perfection. Whether you are looking to cut cookie dough, fondant, icing or chocolate, then you are sure to find the right cutter for you. Plunger cutters allow for a cute embossed design on your fondant, whereas, alphabet and number cut outs are a great way to add a personalised touch to your bake. It is always fun to bake cookies, and our selection of cookie cutters will help to ensure that you get the perfect shape. Shape your biscuits into tons of different quirky designs with different shapes, materials and styles of cutters and shapes available.

Do you have any tips for using cutters?

Well, that depends on what medium you are working with. However, we do have a few handy hints to help beginner bakers in their quest. Decorate your cake for every occasion with our range of fondant cutters and shapes, purposely designed for cutting your icing or fondant into a range of unique shapes. Simply warm up your fondant, so it is kneading well, roll it out thin and use your cutter. Plunger cutters work in a similar way, except they also emboss the details of the shape that you have picked. If your fondant is sticking to the cutter too much, simply dust powdered sugar on top, and it should release easier.

If you are using cookie cutters and your dough is too sticky, dip the cutter into flour in between each use. Children will love using this fabulous range of cutters and shapes, and they are simple and easy to use. If you are baking with children, the first thing to remember is that they can get a little messy, and it is always a good idea to wear aprons to protect their clothes. Cutters are easy to use, and your home cooked cookies or biscuits are bound to impress when they are served in these fabulous shapes.

How should I wash my cutters?

To wash your new cutters wipe clean and wash in warm soapy water. Ensure that they have been rinsed well and dried thoroughly before storage. Metal cutters can rust if they are in water for too long and it is not recommended that you put your new cutter in the dishwasher. If your cutter is labelled as being dishwasher safe, use the top shelf of the machine only. Always avoid the use of any harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach.



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