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How Can I Have A More Comfortable Picnic?

Picnics are great fun and a wonderful way to spend some time with friends and family. Of course, when you picnic in the great outdoors, you can encounter some uncomfortable environments. However, with the right preparations, you can make your picnic more comfortable and even luxurious for your guests. To find out how, please read on.

How Can I Avoid Sitting On Uncomfortable Ground?

Since picnics are often held in public areas such as the park, you cannot really control the ground you will be sitting on, especially in public places. Of course, there are ways to get around that.

One of the ways to ensure you are sitting comfortably on the ground during a picnic is by getting a good picnic rug. At Spotlight, you can find a selection of picnic rugs and blankets for the best prices.

Using a lovely picnic rug can make the hard ground a little softer and prevents your clothes from getting unwanted grass stains to boot. It also provides a safe space to put your picnic basket, preventing direct contact between grass and your delicious picnic.

How Can I Set The Right Mood For A Picnic?

While you may believe you cannot create ambience at a picnic in the same manner you would for an indoor dinner party, but that would be wrong. There are many things you can do to make your picnic seem inviting and luxurious. Here are some of our favourite tips.

Use lighting - Choosing the right lights for your picnic can be beneficial, especially if you intend on having your picnic in the evening. Nowadays, you can choose battery-powered LED lights, which will work immediately and do not have to be charged. You can also place some strategic candles if you deem it safe. In fact, a well-placed citronella candle could keep some unwanted bugs away from your picnic.

Surround yourself with flowers - Even though there will be some flowers around you when you are having a picnic in the outdoors, you should always see your picnic area as a nicely set table. Having a selection of fresh flowers as the centrepiece of your picnic area can therefore be a nice change and a lovely way to set the right mood.

Avoid too much fatty foods - The mood of your picnic is not only set by how you set up your picnic area, it also depends on the foods you serve. When you serve too much fatty foods, your guests will feel sluggish and tired afterwards. Therefore, some healthier alternatives are a good idea.

There are plenty of healthy foods you can include in your picnic, this includes a selection of strawberries and other fruits. You can also create your own salads and healthy sandwiches, which are bound to be appreciated by your guests.

Use real glasses and plates - Paper plates and some plastic cups can be more convenient for children's picnics, but they do not look as inviting as real glasses and plates. If you have an adult picnic, accidents with your fancy glasses and plates are less likely to happen. So, why not make your picnic area more beautiful with the real thing?

Get some real napkins - You can choose some disposable napkins for convenience, but you can set a better mood with real napkins. Napkins made from genuine linen do not only look fancy, they make your picnic area look quite different in an instant. So, if you are going for a refined look, why not check out some linen napkins to add to the setup.

Choose a centrepiece - We already mentioned that you could add some flowers as the centrepiece of your picnic, but there are other centrepieces you could add to make your picnic a little fancier. Of course, a picnic area can sometimes be a little unstable, so choose something like a tray or a cutting board to put in the middle of your picnic rug. Then, add your flowers or something else to draw the attention and set the right mood.

Add pillows to your setup - The overall comfort of your guests will contribute to the experience as well. Choose something comfortable such as meditation cushions for your guests to sit on.



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