How to make your bedroom cosy during a change in season

by Liz Amaya

How to make your bedroom cosy during a change in season

A Bedroom makeover is more achievable than you think. Creating a tranquil, cosy, beautiful bedroom as the season's change is within reach. I promise you don't need to spend thousands of dollars or too much time creating a dreamy new space.

My biggest tip: Select a style or colour palette first, if you are looking for inspiration Spotlight has a selection of Home Collections that makes enhancing your interior and redecorating a breeze. Then select your large decor pieces, such as artwork, a bed-frame/bedside tables and arm chairs. From there you can draw your colour palette from those pieces such as a throw or cushions. Don't be afraid to mix it up with heights, tones and textures. For example, I personally select some linen & cushions from the colours in the artwork in the space to dress a Bed. By doing this, it really allows your spaces to flow effortlessly.

Selecting The Right Artwork
Bedding & Artwork Can Change The Feel Of The Entire Room

Add textures & set the mood

You can simply add the winter vibe to your bedroom by adding some different textures and setting a cosy mood with things like lighting your favourite yankee candle, adding a chunky knit blanket, cushions or throws with deeper and richer tones to add warmth. Try incorporating some depth and height too, using fresh foliage on the bed side tables in your favourite vase.

Create warmth and soften the room

Fabrics are one of the easiest ways to add warmth to a space. For example, adding fabric sheers over your doors or windows to soften the look works wonders. Adding rugs and positioning under the foot of the bed help to soften hard edges on flooring/bed frames.

A couple of cushions never hurt anybody

Nothing is cosier than a huge pile of fluffy pillows and cushions. Mix and match and never be afraid to add too many. The more the merrier when it comes to creating a super-comfy look. A delicate mix of rich textiles subtly adds depth and interest to a neutral space.

Create Warmth & Soften The Room
Mix & Match Pillows & Cushions

Afraid of bold patterns? Go Neutral!

If going bold with pattern blending isn't your style, try blending patterns in various neutral tones. A neutral colour palette adds a calming effect to any style bedroom, but that doesn't have to mean boring.

Add some of your own personality into the room

Simple DIY touches can make any bedroom a cosier place to be. For example, you could make your own bed head. Spotlight has a range of DIY bed head projects that you can easily replicate at home within a few easy steps.

Add Some Of Your Own Personality Into The Room
Simple DIY Touches Can Make Any Bedroom Cosier

Invest in good quality bedding and linen

Aside from window coverings, bedding is the best thing to spend your money on. Choose soft, high-quality fabrics and mattress toppers - you are sleeping on it all night long after all.

The style of your bed and bedhead will dictate the aesthetic and tone of the rest of your room so keep this in mind when selecting these key furniture items.

Photo shows: KOO Alissa Teddy quilt cover set. For similar styles, see online or in-store.




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