How Do I Choose My Gift Wrapping Paper?

You've gone shopping or put your heart into making the perfect present for your loved one - the hard work is finally over! But how you present your gift is still important, and these days you have so many options on how to wrap your gift. From plain kraft paper to a detailed custom box, coming up with gift wrapping ideas can be hard - so we've made this handy guide to help you decide on how you want to present your gifts.

Gift wrapping on occasions like Christmas is especially important, as you will probably be wrapping several different gifts. Christmas gift wrapping often comes in the traditional Christmas colours, so you'll need your wrapping skills to be up to scratch if they're all sitting under a tree for a few weeks, being looked at (and possibly shaken!) by excited family and friends. We'll cover the different ways you can wrap a gift and some easy gift wrapping techniques, as well as gift wrapping tips and tricks that will make the whole process as smooth and quick as possible.

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Gift Wrapping

What Kinds Of Gift Wrapping Are There?

When it comes to gift wrapping there are two main ways people like to present their gifts: in gift wrapping paper or a gift bag. There are benefits and negatives to both, so let's break down which option is right for you!

Traditional Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is usually done with gift wrapping paper, which is a strong, smooth paper with a print or pattern on one side and a plain white surface on the other. It comes in long rolls so it can wrap very large gifts and is quick and easy to cut with sharp craft scissors or a rotary cutter.

Gift Wrapping Paper Pros:

  • Fully encases your present.
  • Different wrapping styles allow for extra customisation.
  • Huge range of colours, patterns and prints to choose from, including birthday and Christmas gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping Paper Cons:

  • Hard to re-use.
  • Must be sealed with tape or other adhesive.
  • Neat wrapping can be tricky.

Gift wrap is an affordable and attractive way to present your gift, and is the go-to method for many. If you want a more rustic or simple-looking gift wrap, try using newspaper, Kraft paper or butcher paper.

Gift bag or box

Presenting your gift in a special bag or box is easy, and can save you a lot of time and effort compared to manually wrapping a present.

Gift Bag Pros:

  • Looks neat and tidy.
  • Provides more protection than thin gift wrap.

Gift Bag Cons:

  • Easy to look inside to see the gift early if not sealed.
  • Not as many customization options.
  • Can break if holding a heavy present.

One of the best qualities of gift bags and boxes is their reusability - as long as they are carefully stored between uses, there's no reason they cannot be used again and again. We hope this comparison has helped stoke some gift wrapping ideas in your mind! Which will you choose - paper or bag?

What Do You Need For Gift Wrapping?

At Spotlight we have an incredible range of gift wrapping paper, bags and craft supplies. When wrapping a gift, you'll need:

How To Wrap A Gift

How To Wrap A Gift

When using gift wrapping paper, there are many different ways to neatly wrap your present depending on its shape. While there isn't a definitive 'best' way to wrap a gift, here are some handy steps on how to wrap a gift in wrapping paper:

  1. Unroll your wrapping paper on a flat surface, like a table or even the floor. Measure the amount of paper you'll need - a good amount is roughly twice the size of your chosen gift.
  2. Place your gift down in the middle of your paper so it is as flat as can be (ie. if it is a book, place it face down).
  3. Fold one half of your paper across your gift - it should go at least halfway across. Then fold the other half across so it covers the end of the first wrap. Use a little piece of tape to hold this in place.
  4. On one end, fold in the corners of your excess wrapping paper until they reach the edge of your gift - you should have two small triangles. Place a small bit of tape across the bottom of both triangles so they stay in place.
  5. Make a fold at the base of your present and fold this whole excess piece over towards the middle of your present and adhere with a small piece of tape.
  6. Repeat this process for the other side of the present with its excess paper and tape it in the middle.

Your present is wrapped! Make sure to add a tag with the recipient's name on it, as well as some ribbon or twine and a bow to dress it up a little.

How To Make A Gift Bag Out Of Wrapping Paper

Have an oddly-shaped gift you'd much rather put in a bag, but all you've got on hand is gift wrapping paper? Have no fear - you can make a gift bag out of a sheet of wrapping paper! Here's how to do it:

  1. Cut a large rectangle of wrapping paper that, in theory, could easily wrap around your oddly-shaped gift. Place your gift to the side and lay down the paper white side up.
  2. Fold each side of your paper in so they each meet in the middle - if you unfold it, your paper will be in thirds. Tape edges together in the middle.
  3. Fold the bottom of the paper up, about a third of the way. Open the paper where your raw edges are, keeping the fold in place, and fold in the outer edges - they will naturally create a diamond-like shape
  4. Fold the bottom edge up and top edge down of the diamond shape so they meet, then tape this border together. This is the base of your bag, and you will recognise its shape from many store-bought gift bags. Fold in the edges of the bag a few centimetres.
  5. Pull the base down and open up the bag. Stick your hand in and fluff it up so there's plenty of space for your gift!
  6. Pop in your gift then fold down the top of your bag to close it up. You can staple it closed or use a hole puncher to make holes and tie a ribbon through it instead.

Now that you know how to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper, you can use this skill whenever you need a spare paper bag. You can even make them in advance!

Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks

Gift Wrapping Tips And Tricks

Now that you know the basics of gift wrapping it's time to learn some expert gift wrapping tips and tricks!

  • Make your gifts that little more special with a bow, cord or some twine. Not only do they add extra colour and texture different from your wrapping paper, but they show that you're willing to put in the effort to the gift receiver - and that makes their gift all the more appreciated! Plainer cord or ribbon can help contrast against colourful gift wrap, and vice versa.
  • The key to neat gift wrapping is to not let any 'raw' edges of the paper show. Small folds will create nice rounded edges that will also make sure none of the white backing shows through.
  • If the piece of wrapping paper you've cut is slightly too small, don't despair! Try turning the paper on an angle and folding in each corner, each time also folding in the sides of the paper as you work your way around. With some clever folding and a little manoeuvring, you may find your gift wrapping paper fits after all!
  • If you have an open bag that you can't or won't close, add some crepe or tissue paper inside to both pad your gift and block it from prying eyes.

The next chance you are doing your Christmas gift wrapping or preparing birthday presents, keep these easy gift wrapping techniques in mind and your loved ones will be sure to notice the extra effort you've put in.

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