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At Spotlight, we have hundreds of balloons available, with just about every type of balloon you can imagine. This range includes a whole host of balloon accessories to complete your balloon decor. Whether you are creating a balloon bouquet as a gift or decorating your party with balloon centrepieces, find all that you need to secure and embellish your creation here. Shop the range online or instore today.

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Balloon Decorating For Beginners

If you are browsing our range of balloon accessories, you are probably searching for fun ways to decorate your venue with some balloons. You may also be wondering if there are any rules to take into consideration and how you can make your venue look the best it can be. If you want some additional tips on balloon decorations, be sure to check out our guide below.

Should I Work With A Colour Scheme?

As balloons are available in all types of colours and designs, it is certainly not a bad idea to consider a colour scheme. After all, the event you need to decorate for will have some appropriate and not-so-appropriate colours too. For example, you can use bold colours for birthdays, but weddings and anniversaries need to be subtler. Therefore, consider the colour scheme carefully before you purchase your balloons and accessories.

Which Balloon Material Is Best For My Event?

Various balloon materials are available too these days and some might be more suitable for the venue you have in mind. For example, if you are having an event in the outdoors, you may want to consider Mylar balloons instead of latex, as they tend to be somewhat stronger.

For parties with children, you could consider the Mylar balloons over latex too, this since they are less likely to pop. However, we must mention that Mylar balloons are less versatile than latex. So, we will always advise latex for indoor events.

How Many Balloons Do I Need?

That is a common question and actually subject to your venue. Evidently, you will need less balloons for a smaller venue than for a bigger venue. It also depends on the other decorations you will be using. If you have a lot of banners, centrepieces, and other decorations, the number of balloons you need will go down too.

When you decide on the number of balloons you will be buying, do not forget about the size of the balloons either. If you are purchasing large balloons, you will need less than if you were to buy small balloons.

Finally, always purchase a few more balloons than you actually need. Even though you may not use them, it enables you to have a backup if you need more balloons than you estimated, or when some balloons pop before the event starts.

Us Helium Always The Best Option For Balloon Decorating?

You do not necessarily need helium balloons for decoration, but it does make things a lot easier. After all, helium enables you to get balloons floating on the ceiling, or you can even create a centrepiece with some helium balloons.

If you are on a tight budget, you can also choose a combination of helium and non-helium balloons, this can be useful for a child's birthday party, as you can simply scatter some non-helium balloons on the floor and a couple helium balloons to the ceiling. Decorating with balloons does not have to cost a lot, as long as you are smart about their intended purpose.

What Shapes Can I Make With Balloons?

Using individual balloons and scattering them across a venue is great, but you can make some shapes out of them as well. In fact, if you do not want to use helium, you can use some plain air balloons and make it into something spectacular.

One of the popular balloon shapes to make with plain balloons is a balloon arch. While helium balloons make it a little easier to create the arch, you can do the same for plain balloons with some string and a stand.

Flowers are also a popular thing to make with balloons. For this, you will need two different balloon colours, for example, blue and green. Use the blue balloon as the centre of your flower and then use four green balloons as the petals. You can do this in any colours you like, providing they match the event you are decorating for.

You can also use your balloons in combination with other decorations, this includes some string and streamers. You can also put your balloons in a net above the venue and let them drop down at a certain time. There is no limit where creativity is concerned.



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