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How to decorate icing on a cake

Once you have added your icing to your cake, there are several cake-decorating tools you can use to take your decorating game to the next level.


Want an iced cake that looks like it's been sanded smooth? What you need is an icing smoothing tool to help even the surface of your icing. These tools should be used while your icing is fresh and hasn't set, otherwise your icing will crumble when you try to flatten it. These tools look like flat pieces of plastic that you either use the edge of to smooth the sides of your cake, or the bottom of to smooth the top of a cake.

Spatula/cake knife

If you want to apply your icing in controlled layers or make beautiful peaks and swirls, the tool you need is a specialised cake spatula/knife. These angled blades allow you to apply swathes of icing without getting your hand or the edge of the handle in the icing. The fine edges can be used to flatten stray edges or lift the icing into peaks and waves, depending on the look you want to go for.

How else can I decorate a cake?

There's more to decorating a cake than icing! Here are some other extras you can add to your cake.

Sprinkles and buttons

Add a little texture, colour and shine to your cake with sprinkles, buttons and other edible toppings. There is a huge variation in what kinds of edible toppings are available - you can go for traditional sprinkles any time, but there are is edible gold leaf, bling balls, chunky sprinkle mixes and even edible glue! And don't forget, chocolate toppings are always a tasty option.

Cake toppers

Finish your cake off with any of our themed cake toppers. Our range of cake toppers come in the classic number and message varieties, as well as specialty star, mermaid and unicorn shapes perfect for themed parties.

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For amazing cake ideas, visit our cake and confectionary project page, as well as our celebrate blog. And for help in buying the right products for your project, check out our party buying guides.



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