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The Ultimate Guide To Crafting With Muslin

Spotlight provides crafters with an incredible collection of muslin fabrics. Our muslin fabrics can be used in a variety of crafts, this ranges from garment design to quilting. So, there are plenty of applications for the quality muslin fabrics in our catalogue.

Are you a beginner and are you not that familiar with muslin yet? No worries, because we have created a guide to crafting with muslin. Read on to discover how you can use our amazing muslin fabrics, but also learn some vital information about this material along the way!

What Is Muslin Fabric Used For?

Muslin fabric has a bunch of different applications. It is commonly used for projects such as garments, curtains, and upholstery. Some crafters even use muslin as a lining or backing material for quilts, this due to the durability and the overall strength of the material.

Since muslin fabric is one of the most affordable fabrics out there, it is a popular fabric choice among fashion designers. However, muslin is not used for the final product, it is used to create a mock-up of the fashion design.

Is Muslin Fabric Made From Natural Fabric Fibres?

Muslin is made from a much-beloved natural fabric fibre, more specifically cotton. Of course, to make muslin fabric, manufacturers use a specialist production process, this gives muslin its unique properties.

Most muslin fabrics are made with a plain weave, this is noticeable by the crisscross pattern visible on the material itself. The combination of the plain weave and the natural cotton fibre delivers a versatile yet durable material.

Why Should I Choose Muslin Fabric For My Projects?

There are many reasons why muslin should be a serious consideration for your projects. One of the main reasons why crafters love muslin is the fact it is a 100% natural fabric, since it is made from natural cotton fibres.

We must also mention that muslin comes in various weights, this can provide you with a thick and coarse muslin fabric as well as a lightweight muslin. Naturally, this gives you a lot of choices when you want to work with muslin in your crafting projects.

When it comes to muslin, the actual weave can vary too. While muslin fabric always has the so-called plain weave, the tightness of the weave can vary considerably. Still, despite of the looseness or tightness of the weave, muslin will always have properties such as breathability and durability.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Muslin Fabric In Crafting?

While muslin has loads of advantages, every fabric has its disadvantages too. It is important for crafters to be familiar with such disadvantages, as they can determine the suitability of the fabric for specialist projects.

One of the downsides of muslin is that its durability can be influenced by the thread count. For example, if you purchase a lower-quality muslin with low thread count, the muslin fabric will be a lot more susceptible to tearing. So, it is essential to check your thread count before you obtain any muslin from the store.

In some muslin fabrics, the cotton trash can be visible on the material itself. While this may not be a problem for some crafting projects, it can make the material less attractive for crafting projects where aesthetic is important.

How Do I Sew With A Muslin Fabric?

Sewing with a muslin fabric is relatively easy. Since it is a woven fabric, you will sew with muslin like any other woven fabric out there.

Most manufacturers will recommend working with smaller needles, this includes needle sizes such as 75/11 and 90/14. Remember, the larger the needle you are using, the more likely you will encounter visible holes in the material.

What Muslin Fabrics Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides quite the range of muslin fabrics. We have plain muslin fabrics for your mock-up garments, but also printed muslin fabrics for your finished products. There are countless options in our catalogue, so we are sure that you will find something to match your requirements.

Want to discover our range of muslin fabrics? Check out our muslin and gauze catalogue and discover countless affordable muslin fabrics at your fingertips. Grab your favourite today and benefit from our low prices on quality fabrics.



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