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Shop a Huge Range of Costumes For Your Next Party at Spotlight

We have a great selection of both adult and children's costumes, hats, wigs, face and body paints and costume accessories to create every type of character for your party or special event. Have you been invited to a fancy-dress party, or do you want to create your own special event? Then check out our pages for inspiration on the many themes that are available! Do the kids have a favourite cartoon or film character? Then give them a birthday party to remember by letting them dress up as their favourite princess, pirate or superhero! The possibilities are endless.

Discover Kids and Adults Costumes For Halloween, Book Week and Costume Parties

You can choose from full costumes for both adult and child characters, or you can create your own character by combining hats, wigs and other accessories with some classic pieces of clothing such as a leather jacket (ideal for rock stars and 60's themes) or some retro clothing. Combine your party clothes with face masks and hats for a glamorous 1920s look or a gangster event, or dress up your jeans and T-shirt and transform into a cowboy or cowgirl.

Shop A Huge Variety of Costume Accessories To Finish Your Costume

Here you will find costume jewellery, wands, eye patches, temporary tattoos and much more. Sunglasses, crowns and tiaras are also available, as well as face masks and bandannas. You can even create a Harry Potter event with wizard costumes, wands and hats. Complete a stunning transformation with a wig, moustache or beard (or any combination) to make yourself unrecognisable or to change into your chosen character. Fancy being Elvis? Or having a huge handlebar moustache or a wild-looking, multi-coloured wig? Now you can!

Find Face and Body Paint to Create a Unique Look

Here you will find a vast range of face paint and body paint in a wide range of colours, as well as complete kits for special designs and even a full kit designed to make numerous creations at a special event. Use your own imagination or opt for stencils and kits from our range. Glitter and other accessories can add extra sparkle to your creations.

Costumes and Accessories FAQ's

  • What are some popular costume ideas for adults?

    For adult dress-up parties, some popular adult costumes and themes include flapper costumes, Star Wars costumes, Teletubbies, retro 90s costumes, Toy Story costumes and Marvel Superheroes costumes.

  • What are easy costume ideas for kids?

    Find easy ready-to-wear costumes for kids including classic Disney Princess costumes, Harry Potter costumes, Marvel superhero costumes, and easy characters such as doctor, police, pirate, witch, ballerina and unicorn. Help spark their imagination and have fun with great kids' costumes. Spotlight also has adaptable costumes which are inclusive for children with disabilities.

  • How much do costumes cost?

    You can find basic costumes for a very affordable cost, often $20 and under. More extravagant and licensed costumes are more of an investment but you can wear them again and again or lend them to your family and friends.

  • What are some good Cosplay costume ideas?

    For Cosplay, you can make your own costume with a range of Pleather, Suedes and EVA foam and specialty fabrics. Or some great ready-to-wear Cosplay costumes include Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel Superheroes. Check out our full article on Cosplay Tips, Tricks and Ideas.

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Spotlight is Your One Stop Costume Shop and Find Everything You Need For Your Party

Shop at Spotlight for all your costume needs and if you have decided on a special theme for your party, you can complete the look of your event with great party supplies including tableware, party decorations, and many special additions including themed party invitations, loot bags, party favours, pinatas and more. Check out the many possibilities and have fun at your next event for adults or kids. Shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or visit your nearest Spotlight store today.



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