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Transform your look and turn into whoever you wish with our superb selection of costumes and accessories at Spotlight. Ideal for a fancy dress party, themed event, or next Halloween, we have costumes and accessories for men, women and children of all ages. Complete your costume and accessories with wigs, hats, gloves, glasses and more. With such a wide choice available, plus bargains galore across the range, be whoever you want to be and shop costumes and accessories at Spotlight.

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Spotlight's Top Tips To Buying Your Halloween Costume

At Spotlight, you can find many Halloween costumes and accessories, this includes options for adults as well as children. But how do you choose that perfect Halloween costume? You may have something in mind already, but have you thought about some of the external factors that could make your Halloween costume more or less than suitable? Read the expert tips from Spotlight below to ensure you get the best costume possible.

What Should I Check When I Buy A Premade Costume?

Premade costumes are great, but you must ensure it comes with all the accessories that you will need to pull the look off. At Spotlight, we sell both premade costumes and separate accessories, so you can find everything you need in the same spot.

To ensure you costume is perfect, always write down the things you will need beforehand. Will you solely go for a costume? Or do you want some accessories to make things even better? Of course, your budget will also play a role in this. Fortunately, Spotlight provides a lot of affordable options, enabling you to get just what you want.

What External Factors Are Important With Costume Selection?

Most people know exactly what they want to dress up for at Halloween, but they often forget one crucial aspect, more specifically the weather. Depending on your location, the weather can influence the suitability of a costume, especially if you are spending a little more time in the outdoors.

Evidently, the weather does not have to put a damper on things. If you are wearing a costume with a skirt during some colder weather, simply put on some tights to keep yourself warm. You can also layer your costume for added warmth if needed. If you are wearing your costume in warmer weather, simply make sure your costume is made from breathable materials.

Are Costume Sizes The Same Thing As Dress Sizes?

That depends on where you purchase your costume. Many stores will use an age range for children's costumes. You can also encounter the one-size-fits-all for adults, which can make your selection a little harder. However, details on the size should always be on the product description page of that store. So, if you are unsure if a costume will fit, refer to the details of the online product.

Why Is It Beneficial To Buy Halloween Costumes Early?

Once you get to a week before Halloween, many people run to the store for their costume. While it is not really a problem to buy your costume a little later, you can certainly benefit from buying Halloween costumes several weeks early.

The first benefit of buying your Halloween costume early is that you usually have a lot more choice. The closer it gets to Halloween, the faster those costumes will sell. Therefore, you may encounter less of a choice than you thought you would have. If you buy early, it is less likely to be a problem.

Prices for Halloween costumes can increase around Halloween time, depending on the store you choose. So, buying early could save you some money too. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that at Spotlight, as we always offer our Halloween costumes and accessories for the sharpest prices.

When you purchase your costume a few months before Halloween, always remember to try it on a week before you have to wear it. Sometimes, it is possible to lose or gain a little weight during that time, which may cause problems with your costume. If you try it beforehand, you can make some alterations if they are needed.

How Can I Get Even More From My Costume?

Your costume and accessories make you look great, but you can also use makeup to transform into the character you envisioned. You can also use additional items such as coloured lenses to make everything come together.

Professional makeup artists at movie studios usually have some interesting products to work with. They can use it to create fake wounds, scars, or even make people look older. If you want to take your Halloween costume to the next level this year, why not check out some of the makeup products in our range to make your transformation complete?



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