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How To Make Sure My Kid's Costume Is Safe?

There are many occasions that may require your child to wear a costume. Special themed birthday parties and Halloween are just two instances where you might need to search for a costume. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight and an elaborate collection of children's costumes.

When you choose a costume for your child, you always want to make sure the costume is completely safe. Below, we have listed some of the safety considerations parents must think about when they shop for costumes.

Which Fabrics Are Safest For A Child's Costume?

There are various fabrics to choose from when it comes to costumes, but one of the properties you must consider is flame-resistance. While this property may be less important for an indoor birthday party, flame resistance becomes really important for occasions such as Halloween. With jack-o-lanterns everywhere, it would be easy for a costume to catch fire.

Costumes that are made from flame-resistant materials will be marked as such on the label. Materials that are more resistant to fire are usually heavier and consist of a single layer. Thinner materials that consist of several layers tend to be much easier to catch on fire.

When you are looking for fire-resistant costumes, you must always check if the costume is made from a single fabric type. Remember, different fabrics have different properties - this means they can also burn at a different speed. As such, a costume made from a single fire-resistant fabric should be the safer option.

If your child is heading out in a costume for Halloween and will be near jack-o-lanterns, also make sure that the child is wearing appropriate clothing underneath the costume. Wool or jeans provide some additional protection against fire. While they cannot block it completely, it does provide some added protection between the costume and your child's skin.

Which Costume Accessories Can Be Unsafe For Children's Costumes?

One common accessory that often accompanies costumes is a cape. You will find it with many superhero costumes, and they can be incredibly fun. However, they are not recommended for younger children that are a little unsteady on their feet.

As you may have witnessed in the past, a cape can be a serious tripping hazard and could cause your child harm. So, if your child is still a little unsteady on their feet, then be sure to avoid the cape. While you can still acquire a superhero costume, you should always remove the cape.

In some cases, you may apply some face paint on your child's face to make a costume come together. Evidently, some children can be sensitive to the ingredients inside certain brands of face paint. Therefore, it is extremely important to check the ingredients of the face paint before you purchase it.

Before you apply face paint, it is a good idea to do a small patch test 24 hours beforehand. If your child has a sensitive skin, this could eliminate any serious reactions upon application. Also, if you do apply face paint in combination with a costume, always make sure that your remove the face paint before your child heads to bed.

In addition to capes and face paints, there are other accessories you need to be careful with. For example, some costumes can come with toy swords and knives. While most of these are perfectly safe, others can be made from solid materials that could cause serious injury. Therefore, check if any additional toys coming with the costume are made from a flexible material. They should also have the appropriate safety marking.

Finally, always make sure that masks fit your child properly. An ill-fitting mask can reduce your child's vision, which makes them less aware of their surroundings and makes accidents more likely. If you have purchased the mask online, always check the size before you child heads to the event.

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