10 Pet Halloween Costumes For Your Paranormal Pooch

10 Pet Halloween Costumes For Your Paranormal Pooch

Dressing up on Halloween is great fun, so why not get your pets in on the action with some of Spotlight's scary, cute and funny pet costumes? Our pet Halloween costumes come in sizes to suit small, medium and large dogs, with pet costume ideas pulled from all your favourite movies, as well as more generic costumes perfect for any occasion.

10 Of The Best Pet Costumes You Can Find At Spotlight

Here are some creative pet costume ideas you can bring to life with pet Halloween costumes and accessories from Spotlight!

1. The Joker pet costume

One of the most famous superhero villains is the Joker, making him a popular choice during Halloween for humans and pets alike. Our pet Joker costume is available in a great range of sizes and is comfortable for your pet to wear - even the included wig!

If your pet is naturally 'smiley', or just loves a little chaos, this is the perfect costume for them.

2. Bridal pet costume

On its own, this beautiful costume will transform any pet into a sweet and demure bride. But if you want to jazz it up a little for Halloween, there are a few fun things you can try! Stain the bottom of the dress with mud and smear some dirt into it before adding some rips for a spooky undead bride costume. Or add fake blood to the costume (let it dry completely before putting the costume on your pet) for a vengeful bride who's been left at the altar!

3. Batman and Batgirl pet costume

With its blend of dark colours and iconic logo, our Batman and Batgirl pet costumes are perfect for dogs who want to save the day, while keeping a brooding edge. Featuring the classic Batman logo and bat-ear headpiece that sits comfortably on your pet's head with an elastic strap, these costumes are easy to match with your own DC superhero costume.

Coordinated Batman Costumes For Your Pets

4. Dapper doggy pet costume

Our dapper dog pet costume will turn your furry friend from a digging destroyer into a distinguished duke. But if you're after something more spooky, try adding some cobwebs or torn white, silky material to turn your dapper dog into the ghostly apparition of a long-dead gentleman from the past!

5. Wonder Woman pet costume

For pets with a drive for truth and justice, dress them up in our metallic Wonder Woman costume. This DC superhero costume is available in small and large sizes and features a comfy dress and soft foam tiara that can be easily strapped behind your pet's ears. If you plan on going trick or treating with your pet, find yourself a yellow or golden leash to act as the Lasso Of Truth for an extra costume accessory!

6. Walking teddy bear pet costume

A super-cute walking teddy bear costume is an adorable and funny costume rolled into one fluffy package. You'll definitely get a lot of compliments if you take your dog trick-or-treating in this cuddly costume! If you want to make it scary, try adding a few drops of fake blood down the front and on the ends of the paws for a menacing teddy bear straight out of a horror movie.

7. Supergirl and Superman pet costume

Turn your pet into the face of the DC Superheroes with our Superman or Supergirl pet costumes. Each costume is available in multiple sizes and features the iconic Superman and Supergirl S symbol and a gold belt, with a red cape or red skirt to complete the look.

8. Santa Claus/Krampus Costume

Okay, so a Santa Claus costume is more of a Christmas thing… but you can make it spooky by going the Krampus angle instead. Stain the red of this jolly costume with deep maroon, brown or even black using fabric dyes (or even fabric paint for a last-minute job) for a creepy Krampus costume you can bring out at Christmastime as well!

9. Tricks for Treats pet costume

For pets who don't love a full-body costume but still want to dress up, our cute tricks for treats bandana is the perfect way to involve your pooch in the festivities. It ties easily around the neck and is comfortable enough for your dog to wear all night, but make sure any treats offered on Halloween are the dog-friendly kind!

Fun Celebration Outfits & Accessories For Your Pets

10. Clown pet costume

Love them or loathe them, you can't deny a clown costume is always effective at Halloween! While technically a 'birthday hat', any conical hat with coloured pom poms is bringing the clown vibes in our opinion. Buy or create a matching polka-dot costume for your pet to finish the look (more on creating costumes for your pets below).

Please note that while a red nose is iconic for a clown, you should never obstruct or dye your dog's nose, as they are extremely sensitive and it can cause your dog distress if their nose isn't able to function properly.

Bonus - DIY Pet Costumes

If you love to sew, why not try making your pet their own costume from scratch? Creating your own DIY pet costumes gives you control over the colour, material and accessories you want to attach, plus you can make special adjustments for your pet's body size. Browse our range of animal patterns online for heaps of adorable, mysterious and funny pet costumes you can make at home, and our sewing and fabrics hub for all the supplies you'll need.

Discover The Best Pet Halloween Costumes At Spotlight

Bring your unique pet costume ideas to life with the pet costume range at Spotlight. Buy online and have your pet costumes home delivered, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right pet Halloween costumes for your animals.

Craving more Halloween ideas? We've got some great articles to satisfy you, like our Halloween makeup ideas blog, our quick guide to a last-minute Halloween party and our in-depth article on throwing the ultimate Halloween party at home.

And for all your Halloween supply needs, visit our horrifying Halloween hub online today!




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