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Make Bath Time Easier For Your Child With Our Helpful Tips

Some kids love having a bath, while others cannot stand the sight of the bathtub. If you are looking at our range of kids bathroom supplies, you are probably looking for ways to make the bathroom a little friendlier for your child.

Does your child hate bath time? Have you tried different things to make bath time more fun, but haven't had any luck? Check out some of our top tips to make bathroom time pleasant for your little one.

What Do I Do If My Child Is Afraid Of Water In The Eyes?

This is a common fear among children. Water in the eyes can be an unpleasant feeling for children, so this could be one of the reasons why your child could be avoiding bath time. It could also cause them to act up before they need to take a bath. Here are some tips to counter this particular problem.

The visor - Nowadays, you can get special bath time visors, which will prevent water from entering your child's eyes. Visors are also available in various colours and designs, so you can choose one your child likes. You can even involve them in the decision, so they will look forward to having a bath with the new visor.

Bath goggles - You can also find a solution with something as simple as swimming goggles, which will keep the water from your child's eyes too. Swimming goggles for children can also have fun designs and colours.

Wash cloth - When your child does not want to wear goggles or use a special visor, you can get them their own wash cloth. At Spotlight, you can find a themed wash cloth to match your child's preferences.

Which Toys Can Make A Bath More Fun?

Some children take a natural dislike to the bath because it feels like an adult chore they do not want to. Fortunately, there are a bunch of toys you can add to the bath to make it more fun and appealing.

Glowing toys - One of the most popular toys for the bath are actually glowing toys. You can find these toys in the form of bracelets, but also in the form of jellyfish, whales, and more. If your child likes glowing toys like these, be sure to add them to bath time.

Baby responsibility - Some children look after a doll-like a mother would look after their child. Sometimes, you can use the doll to give your child a bath. Tell your child that the doll needs a bath and that he or she is responsible to make sure the doll has a bath. It can really be that simple.

Bubble baths - Children love some bubbles. Whether you create a bubble bath or blow some bubbles in the bath to make bath time even more fun, the choice is up to you. There are also some bath products that are safe for children and create bubbles in the bath, so it might be worth checking those out too.

Coloured water - Bath water can look a little boring after a while. Even a bubble bath can start to look boring once it is done often enough. In those cases, it can be a good idea to try coloured water instead. Simply obtain a coloured water tablet made from food-grade paint and give the bath water a different colour.

Which Bathroom Products For Children Are Available At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides an immense range of bathroom supplies for children. We have some fun hooded towels, face washers, and even beach towels to personalise your child's bath time a little bit.

In addition to the children's collection of bathroom products, you can count on us for an adult range of bathroom supplies too. Our range includes towels and face washers, but we also provide bathroom storage solutions and a bunch more. To find these products, simply head over to the main catalogue and browse to the bathroom section.

When you shop at Spotlight, you can find other supplies for your home as well - this includes your bedroom, living room, kitchen and loads more. Head over to the main catalogue to discover all we offer.



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