How To Throw A Hawaiian Theme Party At Home

How To Throw A Hawaiian Theme Party At Home

Themed parties make choosing your food and decorations easy, and one of our favourite party themes has to be the Hawaiian party! A Hawaiian or tropical theme party is one you can rely on for amazing colours, delicious food and party games everyone can join in on - plus much of what you need you can find at your local shopping centre.

At Spotlight, our comprehensive range of party supplies includes plenty of Hawaiian theme party decorations, costumes and diningware you can use to create a tropical paradise in the comfort of your own home. We'll guide you on how to decorate your home (both indoors and outdoors) with some great Hawaiian party decoration ideas, what costumes and accessories you can use to dress up, what tasty Hawaiian-themed party food you can create, and even go through a few fun Hawaiian party games to try. Let's party!

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Why Throw A Hawaiian Theme Party At Home?

But first, why throw a Hawaiian theme party at all? Well, there are a lot of compelling reasons, trust us! Here are just a few:

  • As we said above, a theme makes gathering supplies for your party much easier. No need to worry about choosing complimenting colours, figuring out a menu, gathering complicated costume accessories or racking your brain for themed games - a Hawaiian party theme makes it all obvious! (don't worry if it's not obvious to you - we'll go through it all later on in this article)
  • It's a theme everyone can understand and enjoy. More complicated themes, like that of your favourite TV show or based around a certain profession, may not be a hit if people aren't familiar with them. But a tropical theme party? Everyone knows it! Sun, surf, sand and colourful flowers are a universal love that we can all enjoy at any event.
  • It's not an overly expensive theme to base your party on. Hawaiian decorations, costumes and food can often be found lying around your house already, or can even be found at your local $2 shop and supermarket (we know a place that does great bargains). If you're throwing a themed party on a budget, this is an easy one to go for.
  • A Hawaiian theme party works for all ages. Kids, adults and families can all enjoy a Hawaiian party theme to equal effect. Kids will love the bright colours, party games and tasty food, while adults will appreciate the delicious drinks (alcoholic or otherwise), holiday decor and groovy music.

Have we convinced you? If you're keen to start planning a tropical theme party, let's go through some great Hawaiian party ideas for your home!

How To Dress Up For A Hawaiian Theme Party

A themed party needs costumes, but how to dress up for a Hawaiian theme party in a way that is comfortable and still on-theme? Luckily, the pieces of clothing you'll need for a Hawaiian party theme aren't overly complicated. The classic Hawaiian party costume features two main accessories

Hawaiian Party Food Ideas

Hawaiian Party Food Ideas

One of the best things about a tropical theme party is the delicious food involved, with heaps of zingy fruit flavours available for you to work with. Here are some tasty (and easy) Hawaiian themed party food ideas you can make!

  • Fruit platters are an easy (and healthy!) way to feed your guests - simply chop up some brightly coloured fruits and create a rainbow platter for your guests to snack on. Think strawberries, orange slices, pineapple, kiwi fruit, blueberries, grapes and even some dragonfruit for a colourful spread!
  • If you love cooking on the BBQ, try creating some delicious fruit kebabs to give your favourite fruits some delicious char and warmth. Any fruit that is firm and not too ripe will hold its shape over a flame, and you can add some chunks of chicken or pork if you'd like a little protein included as well.
  • Finally, when it comes to tropical desserts Spotlight has you covered. Try making this full pineapple cake, or a smaller pineapple pull-apart cake, for impressive centrepieces. And for smaller snack platters, create some colourful surf cupcakes or a platter of tasty choc-covered bananas for tasty finger food your guests will keep coming back for!

If you love traditional party food like party pies, sausage rolls and spring rolls but are worried they won't fit your theme, try arranging them in a pineapple or flower shape or popping some tropical flowers around the edge to help turn them from generic party snacks into proper Hawaiian party food!

Hawaiian Drink Ideas

Tropical drinks are some of the best in the world thanks to their mixture of sweet, zingy flavours and gorgeous colours. There are plenty of options for everyone, and you can use garnishes to ensure everyone's drink looks like the kind you'd find at a swim-up bar!

Cocktail favourites include the pina colada, mojito, mango daiquiri and the Mai Tai, while many mocktail recipes feature the perfect blend of fruit juice, fruit slices, herbs and syrups to create tasty non-alcoholic alternatives.

Make sure to feature slices of orange and pineapple, sugared rims and the classic umbrella garnish on your drinks in tall glasses to really bring your Hawaiian party theme home!

If you have the space (or already have a home bar), try creating a tiki bar for guests to grab their drinks from. Not only will it help with your indoor decor, but it makes for a great photo opportunity space as well.

Hawaiian Party Games

What's a party without a few games involved? There are plenty of fun Hawaiian party games you and your guests can play, with many being variations on the classic games we all know and love. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Hawaiian limbo - this back-bending party game is played exactly how you remember it, but the addition of some Hawaiian music in the background is sure to inspire some dancing (and maybe a few premature falls too!).
  • Hula hoop competition - get your hips moving in a hula hoop contest! Have guests square off to see who can keep their hoop circling the longest, and make final stages harder with the addition of extra hoops to the waist or even the arms!
  • Pass the coconut - the classic 'hot potato' game with a twist, pass a coconut around the group until the music stops! If you've got a ukelele on hand, use this for your music and have each outed guest take a turn strumming along.
  • Tropical bowling - paint a set of white bowling pins to look like pineapples, set them up and then take turns bowling them down with a coconut! We don't recommend using real pineapples for this, as despite their hardy exterior they can be bruised quite easily.

How many other party games can you put a Hawaiian spin on? Think of your favourites and how you can tweak them to suit your Hawaiian theme party!

Hawaiian Party Games

Throw A Vibrant Hawaiian Theme Party With Spotlight

Spotlight has everything you need to throw a colourful Hawaiian theme party at home! Browse our Luau party range online, where you can quickly pay and have your Hawaiian party theme accessories delivered to your home. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right Hawaiian party decorations to suit your home.

Mahalo - we hope you enjoyed some of our Hawaiian party theme ideas!




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