Crafty Ideas To Help You Celebrate Book Week

Crafty Ideas To Help You Celebrate Book Week

Crafty Ideas To Help You Celebrate Book Week

For many teachers and students Book Week is one of the most exciting times of the year, where everyone's favourite books and characters are celebrated in style. Decorating the classroom, playing games and dressing up as popular characters are all common ways to enjoy Book Week, and at Spotlight we have all the supplies you need to bring your Book Week ideas to life.

We've collected some of our most popular Book Week craft ideas and costumes together for you to peruse if you're stuck for Book Week activities. Read on, and discover some of the fun ways you can celebrate Book Week with Spotlight!

Book Week Craft Projects

Whether you're a teacher or student, these craft projects will get you in a bookish mood just in time for Book Week.

Strawberry and pear bookends

There's nothing like the look, feel and even smell of a physical book, to say nothing of a wonderfully full bookshelf! Bookends are the perfect way to keep your treasured books neat and tidy on the shelf, and these adorable strawberry and pear bookends will do the job nicely. Filled with heavy sand and polyester, they'll hold back all your books while looking great at the same time.

Book week embroidery

If you love the kinds of crafts that allow you to really focus and turn your brain off, embroidery is the ideal hobby for you. This Book Week embroidery project can be completed even by beginner embroiderers, and creates two colourful embroidery hoops perfect for displaying at home or in the classroom.

Dragon's egg

How to Train Your Dragon, The Inheritance Cycle, and even A Song Of Ice And Fireā€¦ all these book series have a focus on dragons and are much loved by readers of fantasy. This dragon's egg project will help you create a realistic-looking dragon egg, perfect for displaying on your desk or work table!

Fairy village

Lovers of magic and whimsical fairy tales can create the perfect little town for any ceramic or glass fairies with this fairy village project. Using Sculpey clay, you'll learn how to create all sorts of plant life and quaint furniture for your fairies, which can be safely baked in an oven until hard before displaying.

Felt fruit

Fruit plays an important role in classic Book Week favourites like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and James And The Giant Peach, so why not celebrate this healthy food type by making some felt fruit pieces? Small, colourful and soft, they'll look great on the walls of your classroom or even around the home. You can even attach a magnet to the back and stick them on your fridge!

Book Week DIY Costumes Accessories

Handmaking your costume accessories will give your Book Week costume that extra-special finishing touch it needs - here are some of our favourite costume accessory projects we think you'll love!

Mermaid Crown

Whether your child loves The Little Mermaid or a more modern telling of these fantasy creatures, our mermaid crown project is the perfect finishing touch for any magical mermaid costume. You can mix and match the recommended colours to suit your costume - pair with our mermaid makeup tutorial for the perfect mermaid look!

Harry Potter Scar

If it's Harry Potter costumes you're making, a realistic lightning-bolt scar will add a professional quality to the finished product. Follow the instructions for our Harry Potter face paint project to make it - you can use these instructions to make scars for any other Book Week characters as well.

Pirate Flag

Show your colours with our pirate flag project, a fun sewing project that will perfectly top off any pirate costume. And don't forget to bring along some fake gold coins as well - all the successful pirates love showing off their treasure!

Book Week Ready-Made Costumes

Easy and convenient, our ready-made costumes will steal the show during Book Week, for both teachers and students! Check out the following categories for a glimpse into Spotlight's amazing costume range.

Hogwarts student costumes

Turn your school into Hogwarts with any of our amazing Harry Potter uniforms! From specialised characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood to generic Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff uniforms you can put your own spin on, our Hogwarts costumes will ensure Book Week is a magical time for all involved. Make sure to accessorise with the right magic wand to complete your look.

Comic book hero costumes

Enjoying comic books is also celebrated during Book Week - reading comics is still reading! So bring your favourite superhero or villain to life with any of our many Marvel and DC comics costumes. Form the Justice League, the Avengers, the Suicide Squad or the Young Avengers with the right costumes - coordinate with your friends for fantastic group photos and games.

Book Week Character Costume Ideas

Fairytale character costumes

Whether they're from Hans Christian Anderson or Disney, fairy tales are a beloved part of many childhoods, and Spotlight has many beautiful fairy tale costumes for fantasy lovers to choose from. Become a princess like Snow White or Cinderella, a villain like Maleficent or even much-loved characters like Olaf the Snowman or Dumbo with the right fairytale costume!

Celebrate Book Week With Spotlight

Have we given you some good Book Week ideas to try? Spotlight has all the costumes and craft supplies you need for your Book Week activities, both online and in-store, for bargain prices. We have even more kid's craft activities that kids can make to augment their costumes, or if you are a keen sewer, check out our kid's costume patterns for a fully handmade Book Week outfit!




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