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Add that perfect finishing touch and complete your fancy dress look with our awesome selection of costume accessories at Spotlight. Accessorise with jewellery, hats and wigs, add facial hair or glasses to match your character, with wings, boas, tutus and more. Transform your look for your next themed party or event, and shop our superb range of costume accessories today.

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Make Your Own Halloween Costumes With These Patterns From Spotlight!

While you can purchase many Halloween costumes online, they somehow always look less impressive once you put them on. The product picture may have looked brilliant, but it simply does not look good on you. Is it the costume or a wrong fit?

If you want to impress friends and family with your Halloween costume this year, we can certainly recommend checking out the costume patterns available at Spotlight!

What Costumes Can I Make With The Patterns From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides crafters with one of the most extensive ranges of costume patterns. Whether you are heading to a fancy dress or trick or treating with the kids, we have patterns available for men, women, and children!

At Spotlight, we provide classic costume patterns such as witches, professions, and storybook characters. Of course, we can also provide you with something a little more original. Just look at options such as the Steampunk Costume!

When selecting one of our costume patterns, always make sure you choose a pattern that matches your sewing skill level. Some of the more advanced patterns will require expert sewing techniques and additional knowledge. Fortunately, we have plenty of costumes for beginners as well as the most experienced crafters.

Which Of The Costume Patterns Is the Right Choice For Me?

Choosing costumes for Halloween is often a personal choice, but you may also require some costumes for your husband or the kids. If this is the case, why not let them pick out their favourite costumes as well? Of course, always ensure that the chosen costume matches your skill level.

How Do I Make A Costume For The First time?

When you are just starting out with making your first costume, the entire process may appear a little daunting. Each of the costume patterns included in our catalogue contains detailed instructions on how to start and complete your project successful, so you can grow your confidence as you go along.

Before you start on your project, we always suggest reading through the sewing pattern you have obtained thoroughly. Patterns include important information such as skill level, the description of the costume, measurements, and even fabric suggestions.

Should I Get My Fabric Or My Pattern First?

More experienced crafters often buy their fabric first, but this is often due to the fact that they already have a pattern of their own in their head. It does not necessarily mean they work of an existing pattern. So, beginners and intermediates should always read their pattern before they move over to fabric choice.

How Do I Select A Costume Pattern For Beginners?

Most patterns on our website will have the skill level in the description. Of course, there are other ways to find those beginner patterns a little quicker.

When selecting a pattern for absolute beginners, look for a costume that requires an absolute minimum of pieces. Less pieces means there will be less pieces to sew together - this could help beginners finish their costume a little easier. Complete beginners should also consider the size of their sewing pattern before they make a purchase. To ensure you have the right size, always have your measurements - or the measurements of the person you are making the costume for - at hand.

What Tools Do I Need To Make Costumes?

Before you start any sewing project, you will need some dedicated sewing tools. Below, we have provided an overview of the required tools, which are also available from Spotlight.

Firstly, you will need some measuring tools. The measuring tools that are an absolute must for beginners include the yardstick, seam gauge, and a retractable tape measure. Crafters also need a selection of cutting tools to cut both their patterns and their fabrics. So, before you can start making your costume, you will need: thread scissors, paper scissors, fabric scissors, and a seam ripper.

To bring your project to a successful end, you will also need some sewing supplies - this includes a good sewing machine, thread, bobbins for the machine, an iron, pressing cloth, chalk pencils, and more. Need more supplies to create your costumes? Check out our sewing section and discover all the supplies you will need for a discounted price!



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