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How To Make Halloween Costumes Safe For The Kids?

While you may not have thought about the safety of Halloween costumes for the kids, it is still something to take into consideration. Every year, there are reports of children whose costumes caught on fire because of jack-o-lanterns, so you must make sure your child's costume has no such flaws. So, what are the things to consider when picking out your child's Halloween costume? Check out the safety recommendations from the Spotlight team below.

Why Is The Fabric Of The Halloween Costume Important?

Some fabrics are less likely to catch on fire than others. If your child will be walking past lanterns and candles at Halloween, it is best to choose a costume that is made from so-called flame-resistant materials.

Various materials have a natural flame-resistant quality, this includes polyester and nylon. Costumes that are made with flame-resistant materials often have it mentioned on the label too. If you are uncertain, you can also choose thicker fabrics to avoid accidents, as they are less likely to catch on fire.

In addition to choosing a fabric with natural flame-resistance, you should also choose a costume that is made of a single material. If something is made from one material, the costume will catch on fire more slowly. Even though you cannot avoid such accidents completely, a costume made from one material can avoid serious accidents.

Why Should My Child Wear Clothes Underneath A Halloween Costume?

If the weather around Halloween is a little colder, it is certainly a good idea to wear some clothes underneath the costume. However, many parents do not know that wearing clothing underneath your costume can also be safer where fire safety is concerned.

The reason why it is recommended to wear clothes underneath a costume is that it provides an additional barrier between the costume and the skin. To ensure the flame does not catch on, it is recommended to choose woollen clothing underneath.

Are There Certain Costumes That Catch Fire More Easily?

Some costumes are more likely to catch fire than others, this is certainly the case for costumes that have capes. Since capes can drape over the ground and easily catch on lanterns and candles, it is best to avoid costumes with capes. Capes are also likely to cause falls, especially for children who are not that steady on their feet.

If you do acquire a costume with a cape, you can easily adjust it by removing the cape from the costume and removing the rest. If your child does want to wear a cape, keep its use limited to indoors.

Should I Take Special Care With Face Paint?

Some costumes require a little extra face paint to make the entire thing come together. Evidently, not all face paints are as safe for your little one. While they may be marked as face paint for children, it does not mean they do not contain any allergens.

Many children have sensitive skin, this can show through rashes after the use of certain shampoos and soaps. If your child is susceptible to these, always check the label on face paint for any ingredients they might be allergic too. Also, always make sure that the face paint you obtain has its labels in English, as you might not be aware of the contents of the face paint in foreign products.

When your child returns from their Halloween run, it is important to remove all traces from the face paint completely. Even safe face paint can cause skin irritation if it is left for too long. So, make sure all makeup is removed before your child goes to bed.

Which Halloween Accessories Are Safe For My Child?

Not all Halloween accessories for kids are safe. If you want to make sure your child will not get injured because of the accessory, think about if your child could get injured if they were to fall on it. If the answer is yes, it is recommended to choose something different. If you cannot find an accessory to match the costume, you can always make one yourself from child-safe materials.

Finally, if you use an accessory such as a mask, always make sure it fits well. Ill-fitting masks could cause problems with breathing or may reduce your child's ability to watch their environment.



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