Organise & Style Your Bathroom: A Guide To Bathroom Storage

Organise & Style Your Bathroom: A Guide To Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home. Not only is it the place where water, cosmetics, powders and all sorts of pamper products are used on a daily basis but your bathroom also houses so many practical items that you need to constantly access. This means a well-organised bathroom will go a long way to taking the stress out of your everyday (as well as helping keep your family sane).

But how do you organise your bathroom? How do you ensure the bathroom clutter doesn't get on top of you?

Follow these simple solutions and your bathroom mess will become a thing of the past.

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Keep It Within Easy Reach

It might not be viable to have everything in your bathroom within easy reach but there are some key items you should be thinking about - things like toothbrushes, shampoos/conditioners, soaps/washes, hairbrushes/combs, towels, etc. Make a list of all the bathroom accessories you use as part of your morning and evening routine, and then think about storing them in a way that suits your needs.

Shower Caddies

Bamboo or chrome shower caddies are the best way to keep your products under control in the shower recess, so you don't find yourself kicking over or stepping on bottles and tubes when you're shampooing your hair.

Invariably, different members of the family will have different product preferences, which means you need to choose a shower caddy that is big enough - or maybe even install two?

If you've got a bathtub, get a long, tray-like bath caddy that straddles the width of the bath so your products are within easy reach while you enjoy your soak.

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Storage Containers

There's no limit to the bathroom storage containers you can purchase - all shapes and sizes, and many varied styles to ensure you get to beautifully complement your decor. It's no longer acceptable for your bathroom storage solutions to look ugly.

Some tips you may like to keep in mind:

  • While containers in your cupboards can be more functional than decorative, you'll want to make sure everything on display looks stylish. Plan where your bathroom accessories will be placed and think about the containers you'll need before purchasing anything. That way you can avoid wasting money and create a harmonious look across your bathroom.
  • When you're not using your washed towels, fold them up in a flat basket or crate or roll them up and store them vertically in a round basket. By putting them on display in this manner, towels can also function as a colourful addition to your decor.
  • When working out what needs to go on the bench or inside the cupboards, consult your list of key daily items again. You don't want to be scrabbling around the back of your cupboards and knocking things over to find toothbrushes or hair combs - these are the kinds of items that should go on your bench in a suitable container. Something like mosquito spray might not be used regularly, for example, so that can be tucked down the back.
  • Inside your cupboards, use a shelf organiser or a stackable shelf so smaller items don't get lost. Boxes with compartments are great for storing makeup, cosmetics and accessories by type. Once again, grouping is recommended so you can find similar items without fuss.

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Towel Rails & Hooks

Towel rails and hooks give wet and fresh towels a place to live so they're not left on the floor (or there's at least no excuse to leave them on the floor). But you can also use rails and hooks for a myriad of other bathroom purposes too - hanging up shower caps, hairdryers, jewellery, etc. Your bathroom walls offer a number of storage opportunities, so make sure you put them to good use.

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Laundry Baskets, Bins & Hampers

Laundry Baskets, Bins & Hampers

Keep your laundry hamper out in the open - not locked away in cupboards - and within easy reach of the bath/shower or where undressing occurs. The range of attractive laundry hampers now available means you'll be proud to have them on show, and you'll also be pleased the family is putting away their dirty clothes.

You might like to consider having two smaller laundry hampers, so whites and coloured clothes can instantly be sorted before washday.

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One In, Two Out

It's likely you have piles of half-used cosmetics and tools that you don't really need anymore - we all seem to accumulate a lot of stuff over time. The 'one in, two out' principle means, as soon as you get one new item, like shampoo, you should find two items that you don't use and throw them out. But don't forget to recycle the bottles.

Expiry Dates

When applying the 'one in, two out' principle, an easy way to decide whether something needs to be thrown away is to check the used-by or expiry date - especially when it comes to makeup or medication. With medication, check if your local council has a disposal policy so you can get rid of it all safely.

Sort Your Stuff Daily

Once again, it's amazing how quickly things can accumulate. Make an effort to tidy up and wipe your bathroom benches daily - that way your weekly cleanup won't be as time-consuming. Imagine if your whole family was to clean up after themselves? Your bathroom might never need to be decluttered again!

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