Party Favour Ideas & What To Put In Party Bags

Party Favour Ideas & What To Put In Party Bags

Being given a party bag on your way out of an event can be the cherry on top of a fantastic time, and many of us have fond memories of being given a small, brightly coloured bag filled with treats as a way of thanking us for attending! Party favours can be given out for all sorts of occasions, including birthdays, weddings, hens and stag nights and baby showers. But if you're the host, coming up with party favour ideas can be tricky! At Spotlight we have all kinds of party favours you can use to show your appreciation for your friends and family - let us walk you through what you need to pack the perfect party bag every time!

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What Do I Put In Party Bags?

If you've ever wondered 'what to put in party bags?', then you're not alone! The party favours you choose for a child's birthday will differ from what is appropriate for a teen's birthday, while wedding and baby shower party favours are different also. Here are some of the most popular party favour ideas you'll find in party bags:

  • Small toys - classic toys like bouncy balls, slinkies, paddle balls and hopping frogs are great party favours for kids and even adults can have some fun with them! Noisemakers like party poppers should only be given to older children, and if your party is for very young children, avoid toys that are small enough to be swallowed.
  • Accessories - girls party favour ideas often include costume jewellery like rings, beaded bracelets and stick-on earrings available in their party bags.
  • Glow sticks are also fun to wear for adults and children alike and great for night time disco parties and weddings.
  • Stationary - if you need ideas for kids party bags, school-age children will always need stationary, and you can find some great stationary packs that are perfect for dividing amongst your party bags. Coloured pens, cute erasers and stickers themed to your party are all good choices that kids can use to make their work unique.
  • Brain teasers - get brains working with small but fun brain teasers! A mini Rubik's Cube, a small puzzle or even a riddle are all great ways to challenge minds and keep the brain occupied.
  • Bubbles - everyone loves bubbles, and small jars of bubble mixture combined with a blower are perfect for filling party bags. Try to find a bubble solution that won't stain carpets or furniture, as you can bet people will start using them as soon as they get their hands on them!
  • Temporary tattoos - temporary tattoos are a great way for guests to remember your party, particularly if they match the theme. Many tattoo favour packs come with a variety of tattoos inside, ensuring you have a good mix to give out.
  • Masks and hats - if you have hosted a themed dress-up party then a little reminder in the form of a mask or hat can go a long way!
  • Lollies and chocolates - we all love a little snack, so popping one (or two!) into your party bag will be a popular move. Make sure to check about food intolerances and allergies before giving these out and have alternatives on hand if necessary.

What Can You Use As A Party Bag?

But what about the party bag? Reusable party bags are very popular, and include bags made from kraft paper, linen and materials like transparent organza. Don't forget to tie them up with a piece of cord or colourful ribbon! Some great party bag options include:

  • Simple paper bag: using a simple paper bag is an easy way to create party favours and hold all your treats. Choose from brown paper bags, white paper bags or any colour you please to suit your theme. You can decorate your paper bag with a ribbon, stamps, stickers, washi tape and other craft supplies you might already have.
  • Colourful kids party bag: choose a licensed themed kids party bag to go with your party. Spotlight has a range of themed party bags including Batman, Bluey and Disney.
  • Gift box: a cardboard gift box is a great party favour option, you can stereo your baked goods and other party favours in a cure box and decorate with a complementing ribbon and card. Shop the range of baking packaging and display boxes at Spotlight.
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How Can I Create A Themed Party Bag For My Event With Spotlight?

Now that you know some of the treats and trinkets you can use as party favours, here are some ideas for how you can combine them to suit your party!

Birthday Party Favours For Kids And Adults

Birthday party favour ideas can vary wildly depending on the theme and age group of your party.

Birthday Party Favours For Kids

If your child's party doesn't have a theme, classics like bubbles, crayons and bouncy balls are easy choices for party favours for kids. If your party has a theme, here's what to put in kids party bags:

  • Pirate theme - gold chocolate coins, an eye patch and a skull and bones temporary tattoo.
  • Princess theme - a small tiara, plastic necklace and body gem sticker sheet.
  • Superhero theme - a mask, Avengers temporary tattoo and wristband.
  • Sports theme - a small ball that matches the sport, hand clappers and zinc.

If you need more ideas for kids party bags, pick a theme and work from there!

There are so many ways to create a themed party bag for kids! We like including three or four quality toys rather than stuffing a party bag with fillers - it shows your guests you care and won't break the bank either.

Birthday Party Favours For Adults

You definitely only need a few quality goodies for an adult's party bag. Think about what you would like to receive - small bars of quality chocolate, a pair of sunglasses and a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitiser are all things that will be used and are handy for anyone. If you want to give out more celebratory party bags for adults, try adding a wrapped slice of birthday cake, a mini deck of cards, cocktail stirrers and retro candies from your childhood. Adults will also love elegant stationary and perhaps some home decor items of art supplies depending on the party theme.

Wedding Party Favours

If you want to give out party favours as part of your wedding, you'll want to create a classy and elegant reminder of your special day for all your friends and family. Popular wedding party favours include:

  • Small handmade soaps or candles - if you enjoy crafting, creating scented candles or soaps is a lovely party favours your guests will adore using. Infuse them with your favourite fragrances, or scents from your wedding venue if there are some you think your guests will like to remember!
  • A wrapped slice of wedding cake - if you don't serve it at the reception, slices of wedding cake are a lovely memento of the day and can be wrapped in cling film or given out in more formal cake boxes.
  • Jars of spread - personalise a glass jar and fill it with quality honey or jam for a sweet treat your guests will love! Decorate the jar with some natural twine and gingham fabric for a rustic look that's perfect for special events.

Stag Or Hens Night Party Favours

If you want your friends to remember one of the most fun nights you'll ever have, make sure you have some stag or hen party favours on hand! Popular party favours include:

  • Mini champagne or liquor bottles - if you have a favourite drink, pop a mini version of it into your party bags for your guests to enjoy.
  • Cocktail recipe cards - have a signature cocktail or mixer you plan on serving during your hens or stag night? Create copies of your recipe on small, carefully crafted cards and your guests can make them again and again!
  • Headbands or bandanas - you may like to break these out during the party, as dressing up during a stag or hens night is traditional for many! Brides-to-be may enjoy including tiaras, sashes or cute headbands in their party favours, while soon-to-be grooms can include ties, hats or bandanas.
  • Costume jewellery and headbands to wear on the day which will create a fun group identity.
  • Themed cookies and cupcakes are a sure hit for any hens or stag party.

Certain stag or hen party favours are best used on the night, especially dress-up props and treats!

What Can I Make At Home To Use In Party Bags?

Creating homemade goodies for use in your party bags is so much fun, and here at Spotlight we have everything you need to make all sorts of party favours! Here are some of our favourite homemade party favour ideas:


Everyone loves chocolate, whether it be rich and dark, milky and soft or white and sweet. Making chocolate is heaps of fun, and we have everything you need to create some truly tasty treats that are perfect for use as party favours! If you need some inspiration, check out some of our chocolate-making projects - you can learn how to make gorgeous treats like unicorn bark, shaped chocolate lollipops and delicious chocolate and coconut ice.


Crunchy, crumbly and oh so flavourful, cookies and biscuits are easy to make in large batches and can be made in many different flavours. Sugar cookies are a safe bet recipe-wise, but you can also create classics like choc chip and ginger spice, or more unusual recipes like white chocolate, macadamia and raspberry or apricot and pistachio.

Try making heart candy cookies, elegant heart cut-out cookies or colourful high-tea themed cookies.


Create something that will last by getting a little crafty with your party favours! We love handmade gifts, and your friends and family are sure to appreciate the hard work you put into your crafts. Try making some cute clay planters, beautiful stone bracelets or scented heart hangers for your guests to enjoy.

You can even make your own gift bags! Reusable bags are so handy for everyday use, so your friends and family are sure to love them - you can make them out of printed cotton, silky satin or kraft paper in your own painted design!

Making Party Bags At Home

Where Can I Find Everything I Need To Create Party Bags And Party Favours?

Whether you need party favours or just the crafts to make your own with, Spotlight has everything you need to give your guests party bags they'll love! Find everything you'll need for a party at our party hub, including party supplies, festive decorations and more. For crafting supplies, check out our art and craft home page.




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