Share the scares: Easy Halloween costume ideas for couples, families and furry friends

Share the scares: Easy Halloween costume ideas for couples, families and furry friends

Whether Halloween this year is a party, some socially distanced trick-or-treating or a spooky Zoom hangout, dressing up is a big part of the fun. So why not share the fun with your nearest and dearest?

Couples costumes let you get playful with your significant other, and there are Halloween costume ideas for other pairings as well: parents and kids, kids and pets, or the whole family if you're really feeling the spooky holiday spirit.

Silly or scary, matching costumes are a fun way to spend time with your most important people. Dress up as witches and cook something eerily delicious in your cauldrons (or saucepans)? Throw on skeleton costumes for a spooky game of hide and seek? Or maybe a cute family of devils can learn a Tik Tok dance and share their stuff on social media.

Take plenty of photos, have plenty of laughs, and if you're time-poor, don't worry. Last-minute Halloween costumes are our specialty. All you have to do is bring a little spine-chilling imagination and a big sense of scary fun.

Halloween costumes for… couples

If you and your significant other share a taste for spookiness, why not team up with matching costumes this Halloween? Whether you go for something cute or something creepy, couples costumes are a fun dress-up idea, no matter how you're celebrating October 31.

Here are some of our last-minute, ready-made favourites:

Priest & Nun Costumes

Priest + Nun

October 31 is probably a good day to be warding off evil, so why not go for this classic Halloween pairing? Halfway between The Exorcist and Benny Hill, it's a bit of spooky (and naughty) fun.

Shop Nun costume and priest costume.

Nurse & Doctor Costumes

Nurse + Doctor

Whether you go for a Grey's Anatomy look, or splatter on some fake blood for a horror surgical team from hell, this nurse and doctor duo is an easy go-to. Personalise the look with some funny name badges and a pocket full of Band-Aids, so you can 'tend' to your 'patients' all night.

Shop Nurse costume and Doctor Costume.

Wine & Cheese Costumes

Wine + Cheese

Novelty food and drink costumes are a cute way to celebrate the holidays. (And easy to wear: throw on over black leggings or jeans and you're good to go.) Show your friends how well you go together as a classic pairing of wine and cheese. Or maybe just wine and wine?

Shop Wine Costume and Cheese Costume.

Halloween costumes for… parents and little ones

Kids love dressing up as mum and dad even when it's not Halloween. So here's an opportunity to really go for it with a 'mini me' costume set - getting spooky with a tiny matching sidekick. Little ones will revel in the special attention as mum or dad's costume buddy. Plus, matching costumes make for fantastic photos. It's definitely an Instagram moment!

Grim Reaper Costumes

Grim reapers

If you really intend to slay this Halloween, why not dress up as a reaper with your own junior sidekick? Great for trick or treating. Or just staying in with a bowl of popcorn and Scream or Scary Movie on the telly.

Shop Reaper Kids and Reaper Adults costume.

Witch Costumes


Here's an adorable 'mummy and me' costume idea for those who appreciate the dark side of fairy-tales. Or anyone who secretly wants to enrol in Hogwarts. Add a wand or broom, and accessorise with stuffed animals (cats, frogs, dinosaurs) for your witch's familiars.

Shop kids witch costumes and adult witch costumes.

Halloween costumes for… the whole family

A family that scares together stays together! Parents and kids can get in on the action together with fun group costumes for the whole clan. It's best to go for something bold and immediately recognisable here, so the theme works for the biggest family member, all the way down to the tiniest.

Devil Costumes


Walking the cute side of scary, devil costumes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, perfect for all the devilish rascals in your clan. Make sure to pull some pranks - or other impish tricks - while you're all in costume. Maybe a family portrait, too?

Shop Adult Devil Onsie, Girls Devil dress and Toddler Devil Onsie.

Skeleton Costumes


Skeletons are another Halloween costume classic that suits everyone from tots to adults - as long as you're big enough to yell "Boo!" Perfect for haunted house activities, and handing out sweets to trick or treaters as a family - from beyond the grave!

Shop toddler, kids, adult skeleton dress and adult jumpsuit skeleton costume.

Halloween costumes for… furry friends

Whether your furry friend is a scaredy cat or a hound of hell, pairing kiddie costumes with matching pet sidekicks is just about the cutest Halloween trend ever. If your little ones are going out trick or treating, it means they can take the dog with them as well. Or just stay home and feel the spooky vibes curled up on the couch.

Vampire & Pet Vampire Costumes

Vampire + pet vampire

Tiny vampires and bat-loving furballs are very adorable creatures of the night (or afternoon). Add some white face paint, black eyeliner and fake blood - and maybe sip on some tomato juice - for an extra dastardly look.

Shop girl vampire, dog vampire and boy vampire costumes.

Spider & Pet Spider Costumes

Spider + Pet Spider

Is it a kid? Is it a spider? Is it a household pet? Team up your tot with a furry friend to scare people silly as cute creepy crawlies. Are your spidey senses tingling yet?

Shop kids spider and dog spider costumes.

For more great spooky ideas - including costumes, décor, treats and accessories - head to Spotlight's Home of Halloween.




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