3 Simple DIY Christmas Decorations to make at home

3 Simple DIY Christmas Decorations to make at home

If you're already hanging out for Christmas, you're not alone. We all need some joy this year, so it makes sense to get in early on the holiday spirit. One way to do that is with DIY Christmas decorations. (It's easier than you think!) Channel your inner elf while making festive stuff from your couch, or the kitchen table, whenever you need a quick hit of jolliness - or mindfulness - in the run-up to Christmas. If you have kids to get involved, then why not let them join in, too?

One of the best things about crafting your own baubles is you'll end up with a lovely heap of personalised Christmas ornaments for your tree - maybe even some meaningful future heirlooms. Choose colours, themes and quirky ideas that speak to your idea of the holiday season. You don't need to please anybody else! You might like to make a bauble sporting each family member's name, for instance. Or if you'd rather go with pastels or neon than the traditional reds and greens, then you can do that too.

Here are three of our favourite ideas for Christmas decorations to make at home. And you don't need expert-level craft skills to get them done, either. Just your hands and a bit of imagination, and possibly some hot glue as well. Then you can deck the halls with as many handmade baubles as you like. And fill the house with some much-needed joy.

DIY Christmas Baubles

DIY Christmas baubles

Here's how to make the most of those ready-made papier mache and ceramic DIY decorations (and fillable baubles) with paint, trims, pom poms and glitter - and just about any other embellishment your holiday-loving heart desires. Use your favourite colours and paint on the names of family and friends, or maybe some shared jokes and sayings.

You could even tell your own Christmas story with your bauble-making. If it's your household tradition to play beach cricket on the big day, why not paint your decoration with tiny bats and balls? Does everyone love grandma's gingerbread? Maybe try some tiny gingerbread men motifs. Or just go for something you love and that brings you joy. Whether that's polka dots, cats or dinosaurs.

Thoughtful DIY decorations make wonderful personalised gifts, too. Grandparents will treasure baubles made by the grandkids. Especially if you can't be with family at the holidays, DIY decorations make a lovely addition to a Christmas care package.

Sculpey Word Garland

Sculpey word garland

What are some favourite Christmas sayings at your house? Are you full of "Joyful tidings" plus a bit of "Ho ho ho"? Or maybe you're more "Bah humbug" when December 25th rolls around? Whatever kind of Christmas spirit you intend to channel this year, you can work into these extremely fun-to-make Sculpey word garlands.

Little ones will love making these, and adults will, too. There's a lot of satisfying smooshing and rolling and cutting involved, before the lettering gets baked in the oven and made into garland decorations. All you really need is some oven-bake clay and cookie cutters and you're ready to go.

Of course, these fun word garlands can say anything you like, so get inspired by good times with family and friends and make it as personal as you like. How about "More pavlova please" or "Dad's pudding rocks"? Hang the completed garlands around the house (or on the tree) for some extra Christmas joy.

Personalised Baubles

Personalised baubles

If you're lucky enough to have a Cricut, Silhouette or Brother cutting machine, you probably already know how special it is to personalise items with people's names. Well, what could be more magical than a Christmas tree bauble with your name on it?

This simple project uses clear fillable baubles and adhesive vinyl designs to personalise your decorations with just about any lettering you please. That might be the names of kids, pets, friends and family, or maybe some festive words just for fun. Then all you need to do is fill the baubles with tinsel, glitter or other small items and they're ready for the tree. (Or the wreath, or tablescape, or wherever else you feel like showing off your festive crafts.)

Personalised baubles make fantastic gifts, and let people know you're thinking of them at Christmas time. Kids especially will love decorations with their name on. They may even enjoy multiples: one to hang on the family tree, and some extras to decorate their bedroom or play area. However you end up displaying these fun decorations, they're sure to make Christmas that bit more special.

We have everything you need to Make Christmas yours. Shop the range online now and get crafting on your own DIY Christmas decorations. Find more inspiration for Christmas projects here.




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