How To Throw A Magical Unicorn Themed Party At Home

How To Throw A Magical Unicorn Themed Party At Home

Looking for a magical birthday party theme that all your kids and their friends will enjoy? Try throwing a unicorn theme birthday - with a little help from Spotlight! Full of colour, sparkles and a little magic, unicorn birthday themes are one of the best because of the clear colour palette and easy-to-find decorations you need to use.

At Spotlight we've got an amazing range of party supplies for all sorts of party themes, including the unicorn theme. Balloons, hanging decorations, tableware, bags, costumes and even recipes - you can find unicorn themed variants here for great prices. Continue reading, and we'll discuss our favourite unicorn party ideas for how you can make every facet of your celebration unicorn themed with Spotlight!

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Why Throw A Unicorn Theme Party?

If you can't decide on a birthday party theme, throwing a unicorn party is never a bad idea! Unicorns are associated with rainbows, so unicorn party decorations can be chosen in an array of bright colours, as well as pastels. Common shapes and decorations involved with unicorns include stars, rainbows, and clouds, as well as more horsey symbols like apples and carrots. This makes a unicorn party one of the easiest to decorate, whether you are finding your unicorn party decorations or making your own. Because it's such a popular party theme, you can also find heaps of incredible unicorn party ideas online - a quick browse will give you plenty of unicorn birthday theme supplies and unicorn birthday party ideas to utilise.

What To Wear To A Unicorn Theme Party

Dressing up for a unicorn theme party is easy, as there are plenty of options to suit how casual or detailed you want to be with your costume. For example:

  • For a simple unicorn costume, combine a colourful tutu with a unicorn headband. The main attraction for a unicorn costume is the horn, so as long as you have this people will know what you are - adding a colourful tutu (rainbow is preferred!) is a nice way to add a little something extra to your outfit.
  • For a more detailed costume, combine a unicorn headband, face paint, a tail and a tutu together. You can also add wings! The combination of a collection of simple costume accessories and some detailed unicorn face paint makes for a great costume that is also comfortable to wear for the whole event.
  • Try wearing a unicorn onesie or inflatable costume paired with unicorn face paint for the ultimate unicorn birthday themed costume! Whether it's an inflatable costume or a wearable fabric onesie, these full-body costumes are sure to make an impact, especially when paired with a bit of face paint.

For unicorn costumes for all ages, make sure to browse our kids' costumes and adult costumes online.

Unicorn Theme Party

Unicorn Party Decorations

You need two decorative elements for a unicorn party - a wide variety of bright colours, and lots of glitter and shine! Let's work on decorating your unicorn birthday party from the ground up with these unicorn party decorations.

  • Tableware - whether it's the present table or the snack table, a little unicorn decor is sure to go a long way. Decorate your table with a pastel-coloured or white party table cover, and choose colourful party bowls and plates for your snacks. You can also pop party hats on the table for your guests to use!
  • Confetti - rainbow confetti is perfect for a unicorn theme party, and you can throw some gold and silver metallic confetti in as well. Scatter it over your party table, pop some into your clear balloons before blowing them up or just throw it around the space - but remember to clean it all up responsibly afterwards!
  • Balloons - plenty of latex balloons are vital to creating the joyful atmosphere required for a unicorn theme party! Whether they're floating full of helium or just on the floor full of air, the key to unicorn party balloons is to go pastel. White and pastel pinks, blues and greens are your main choices, although light purple and yellow can also feature. You could even spring for a gorgeous balloon garland or an impressive unicorn foil balloon!
  • Garlands - create an enchanting atmosphere with some elegant pink, white or purple garlands. They can be hung from the ceiling, across the edges of tables, behind chairs or dangled from light fixtures.
  • Hanging paper decor - hang a few paper lanterns and fans from the ceiling to finish off your decorating. With their enchanting texture and beautiful colours, these hanging decorations will look perfect at your unicorn party.

Make sure to look through our huge decorations category for any other unicorn theme birthday decorations you might need.

Unicorn Party Food

Making some tasty unicorn-themed treats doesn't have to be hard! Pastel colours and fluffy textures are key to unicorn party food, and you have a great range of sweet and savoury snacks to choose from.

  • Cakes and cookies - every party needs some delicious cakes and cookies, and we've got plenty of magical variations you can make at Spotlight. Check out our unicorn fondant cookies, which look fantastic with their bright colours and cute shapes. And be sure to browse our range of unicorn-themed cakes - we've got single-tier and double-tier options for you to explore.
  • Magic milkshakes - make some unicorn-themed milkshakes with all your favourite toppings for your event. Blend strawberries, milk and coconut ice cream for the milkshake itself, then whip up some vanilla icing and spread it around the rim of each milkshake glass. Roll the icing in rainbow sprinkles, pour the milkshake into the glasses and add whipped cream to the top of each one. Add your chosen toppings into the cream to finish - topping ideas include edible glitter, rainbow sour straps, pink wafers, lollipops and a rainbow straw.
  • Unicorn bark - this chocolate snack looks incredible, and has all the decorative elements you'd expect from a unicorn themed treat. Pastel colours, shining, glittery elements and unique textures from accessories like pearls and rose petals all feature in this eye-catching dessert.
  • Rainbow fairy bread - add to the colourful theme with fairy bread! You can use metallic sprinkles to give your fairy bread some extra unicorn sparkle.
  • Fruit and veggie platter - Colourful fruit and veggie platters also fit a unicorn themed party well, so make sure to whip out your platter-making skills to offer a few different boards for guests to snack on. Arrange your fruits and veggies in a rainbow shape for fun!

Browse our baking and chocolate-making supplies for a great range of baking ingredients and tools you can use. For some healthier unicorn party food options, don't forget to supply an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Unicorn Party Games and Entertainment

Younger guests will love playing party games, and you can tweak many of the classics to suit your unicorn party theme. Some of our favourite unicorn party games include:

  • Pass the parcel - choose pretty pastel wrapping paper for your parcel layers, and if you choose to pop a little gift in each layer, accompany it with a burst of glitter or sequins as well!
  • Unicorn pinata - up the energy of your unicorn party with a unicorn pinata from our pinata range. Or if you're feeling crafty, make your own magical pinata and fill with your choice of magical fillers.
  • Pin the tail on the unicorn - give the classic 'pin the tail on the donkey' a magical twist by making it a unicorn instead! Pin the tail-style games are easy to find and print on the internet, and there are plenty of beautiful unicorn-themed ones to choose from.
  • Unicorn stick races - if you've got the outdoor space, why not organise a stick race for your guests? Using unicorn 'mounts' organise a racecourse around your backyard or you can even make it an obstacle course by giving your guests things to jump over and weave around for extra difficulty.

What other unicorn party games can you create? Try putting a unicorn twist on the treasure hunt, musical chairs and dress-up games for your unicorn party.

Celebrate With A Unicorn Theme Birthday Party

Celebrate With A Unicorn Theme Birthday Party With Spotlight

We hope you've loved our unicorn party ideas, and that you're inspired to throw a unicorn theme birthday event with Spotlight! Once you've come up with your unicorn birthday party ideas, bring them to life by shopping online, quickly paying and having your unicorn birthday theme supplies home delivered. You can also visit your local Spotlight store to shop for unicorn themed supplies in person.

Make sure to read through our party buying guides on cake decorating tools and toppings, party tableware and party decorations. And for more fun party theme ideas, check out our blogs on throwing jungle-themed, 90s-themed and Hawaiian-themed parties at home.




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