11 Mother’s Day gift and celebration ideas to spoil mum with

11 Mother’s Day gift and celebration ideas to spoil mum with

Know a mum who deserves to be spoiled? Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show your mum, a friend or even yourself some extra TLC, and here at Spotlight we have some unique Mother's Day gift ideas that are sure to make a hard-working mum feel loved.


Creative Crafts - Give Your Mum a Handmade Gift

Nothing says 'I love you' quite like a handmade gift, and we are here to inspire more than just a crafted card (although we love Mother's Day craft cards, don't get us wrong). Create a unique Mother's Day gift box with a selection of all her favourite craft accessories inside, or check out our Mother's Day craft ideas below:


DIY Tote Bag

Reusable bags are all the rage these days and practically a necessity at most shops! Get your mum spending in style by creating a DIY Tote Bag, which is both gorgeous and a great excuse for you both to go on a shopping spree together.


Homemade Clay Earrings

These stylish earrings are super easy to make, and fashion-forward mums are going to love them. Make mum a set and, if you're feeling extra crafty, make yourself a matching pair as well - cute!

Art Sets

Art Sets

Want some Mother's Day ideas that will inspire mum to unleash her inner creative monster? Try one of our handy art sets. For arty mums, choose from a simple pencil and paper kit or maybe a more expansive acrylic art painting set. Crafters will love a Cricut machine or even a scrapbooking set.


Decadent Dining - Treat Mum to a Delicious Food Fest

We all love a tasty meal, and for most mums that often means a Mother's Day breakfast in bed, a scrumptious lunch or a fancy dinner. Here are some fun food ideas we know mum will adore!


Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to a fresh brekkie is a real treat, although make sure mum has time for a comfy sleep-in too!

Use a serving tray to bring in your feast, and don't forget to fancy up the occasion with some lovely cutlery, plates and bowls. Bacon and eggs, pancakes, an omelette or a muesli bowl are all beautiful ideas that will not only tickle mum's taste buds but look stunning as well.

High Tea

High Tea

Going out for high tea can be pricey, so why not try hosting your own high tea at home? Spotlight has a beautiful range of teapots, saucers, cups and matching sets that you can use for your favourite drinks and snacks. Why not try making some muffins, brownies or, for the fancier bakers, some macaroons? Pick your favourite tea leaves for the teapot, although we recommend French Earl Grey or an Assam tea blend to stay on theme.


Cocktails Galore

For later in the day, a tasty cocktail will round off mum's day in style. Check out our selection of tumblers and cocktail glasses to make your drink stand out, and don't forget ice cubes to keep the drink fresh. Every mum has her favourite drink, but if you are stuck for ideas try making an ever-popular mojito, strawberry daiquiri or espresso martini.


Relax and Rewind - How to Host a Spa Day

Being a mum can be stressful! That's why a day, an afternoon or even an hour of pampering can go a long way for busy mums. Booking in for a spa treatment can be hard on Mother's Day (and expensive!) so why not try pampering mum at home?

Making a Home Spa

Create a Serene Space - Making a Home Spa

To properly unwind at home, there are a few things you need to do to make the space more inviting. Firstly, make sure everything is clean! Don't give your mum any ideas about tidying up on her special day. You can then light some candles - soft light, soothing scents and a little warmth go a long way, and one of our scented candles will do all three for you. Add some plants, as they will purify the air (if they're real) and add a lush, tropical theme to your home spa. Just don't put them near the candles! Finally, choose some relaxing drinks to calm mum down. Think herbal tea, a glass of wine or even chilled water with some fruit - just make sure mum is hydrated.

Once you have created the perfect space, grab some comfy robes, slippers and blankets, a few snacks and commence with the pampering! Face masks, a manicure or a massage are all easy ways to help mum unwind and feel beautiful.


Self-love on Mother's Day

And don't forget, all these fun Mother's Day ideas can be bought guilt-free for you to do yourself as well! Purchase the art kit that inspires you, cook your favourite meal or pamper yourself with your most luscious face mask - after all, no one knows what you like better than you! And you deserve it.


Whether you are buying for your best friend, your mum or yourself, Spotlight has the Mother's Day gift ideas you need to make this celebration a memorable one. Shop now online or at a store near you.




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