These DIY flower dangles are super pretty & easy to make

by Phebe Rendulic
Photo Credit: Stephanie Rose Wood

These DIY flower dangles are super pretty & easy to make

Flowers will never go out of fashion - and with fake flowers, you don't even have to worry about them losing their bloom!

This quirky and creative floral project will bring colour and cheer to a teen bedroom, lounge room or home office, or really anywhere that could do with a fun feature wall. It also looks pretty good as a selfie backdrop, in case you need another reason to look fab on social media.

Even better - this super-easy DIY requires virtually no special crafting skills to complete. If you can cut things and stick things and hang things up, then this is the project for you. Get creative, choose your favourite colours and blooms, and make a stunning statement piece of your own.


DIY Flower Dangles That Are Super Pretty


1. Once you've decided where you'd like to install your flower dangles, measure the wall space and figure out your ideal 'drop' (how long each dangle will be) and the kind of spacing you want between them (this will dictate how many to make).

These measurements will give you a good idea of how many flowers you will need to purchase. We used around 3 long-stemmed flowers mixed in with a few shorter-stemmed ones and some leafy vines to create each dangle (around 1.7m each). But you don't have to be exact - these dangles look best when they're not all perfectly identical in length!

2. Lay your flowers out on the floor to create a guide, and even take some photos on your phone so you can keep track if they get shuffled around. Make sure the flower you start each dangle off with at the very top is long-stemmed, and leave some room for overlapping (this is how your dangles will get connected). You may also want to trim some of the blooms using the wire cutters so their stems aren't so long.

3. Cut around 50cm of florist wire and coil it around a few times into a small circle, leaving some lengths on either end. This is for the loop you will attach to the first flower for each dangle. Wrap the wire behind the flower head on the stem (so it will stay hidden) and leave a loop wide enough to fit on your hooks on the wall.

4. Now it's just a matter of putting on your favourite podcast and settling in for some good old craft time! Attach each new flower to the previous one by cutting pieces of florist wire around 30cm long, doubling it back on itself and wrapping the two stems together. The trick is to make sure the flowers all face the same direction, but you can bend the flowers easily to make them sit how you like.

Aim to leave around 20cm or so as a gap between each bloom, but you can be as creative as you like. Add in some vine leaves here and there, or some rose buds, and as long as there's enough stem left over for the next flower, you can't go wrong.

DIY Flower Dangles That Are Easy To Make

5. To make the wire look more discreet, use the florist tape to wrap around and cover it. Cut each length of tape then stretch it slightly so it gets sticky, and then wrap over the wire.

6. Keep adding blooms, snipping and wrapping till you have all your dangles complete. You're nearly done! Screw or stick some hooks to the wall and pop your new flower dangles up on display, and proudly show off your fun new floral display!

We used: A collection of fake flowers including Ranunculus Stem 50cm in pink, Sunflower Stem 65cm in yellow, Mum Flower 63cm in orange, Rose Spray 61cm in pink and 10 Rose Stand Bouquet in lemon salmon. Vivaldi Floral Stem Wrap Tape in green, Vivaldi Blossoms Florist Wire in green and Vivaldi Needle Nose Floral Craft Cutter in green. For hanging: 3M Command Mini Clear Hooks. For similar items, see in-store or online.

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