DO try this at home: 10 fun indoor activities for kids

DO try this at home: 10 fun indoor activities for kids

We're all spending more time than usual at home right now. So if you need some new inspiration to come up with fun activities for the kids, you're not alone. Especially if you're looking for the kind of projects with minimal running and shrieking, and that won't burn the house down.

We have a tonne of kid-friendly projects to keep boredom at bay. But if that's too overwhelming, we've picked out 10 of our favourites here (even including some learning activities for kids!)

So whether your little ones are into gloopy, messy fun, or imaginative play, or crafting with their hands, or just making something fun to eat, we have all the inspiration you could need to make the most of time at home.

Indoor Cubby House

Make a secret (and cosy) indoor cubby house

All kinds of make-believe can happen once you sling some blankets over a table or chairs and let kids create their own indoor cubby house. Little ones may require a bit of assistance at the construction stage, but all you really need is some bedding and elastic bands and a lot of imagination.

DIY Binoculars

Craft some pretty DIY binoculars

Pre-school kids will have loads of fun making and decorating their own play binoculars from cardboard and tape. Once they're done, why not take them on a ramble around the garden or a neighbourhood walk. You can try peering through the binoculars to spot local plants, animals and insects.

Papier Mache Volcano

Blow up a paper mache volcano

At-home learning activities don't get much more fun (or messy) than this paper mache volcano! This is a multi-day project mainly using everyday stuff from around the house, so there's a lot of hours to spend happily gluing, constructing and decorating with rocks (or plastic dinosaurs). Plus, you get to make it erupt - even more messy fun!

Treasure Map

Go on an adventure with your own treasure map

Ahoy, me mateys! Every small pirate (or explorer, or scavenger hunt enthusiast) deserves their own mysterious treasure map, so why not make your own? All you need for this easy project is a pen and paper and a cup of tea. Use it to plot out the backyard, or maybe bury some treasure where X marks the spot.

Embellished T-Shirt

Create your style with an embellished t-shirt

Got a junior fashionista with time on their hands? This easy and cute t-shirt project lets kids express their own personalised style with trims and embellishments. Spend time choosing colours and motifs that you love, then create a design and attach with fabric glue or needle and thread. Now your cool new piece is ready to show off!


Make some fun little flower pots

Whether you're playing 'florist shop' or just making something fun from the craft supply box, these little flower pots make for a sweet project that's easy to put together (and pretty, too). Once done, use them to decorate the playroom or bedroom. They make a nice gift for neighbours and grandparents, too.

Sculpey Numbers

Cut and bake these Sculpey number magnets

There's so much fun to be had with these DIY Sculpey number magnets. First the rolling (and smooshing). Then using the very satisfying number cutters. Then the baking and creative decorating. Plus, once they're magnets, you can play with them on the fridge. Oh, and they look pretty great, too!

Felt Name Flag

Craft your own felt name flag

Kids of all ages can get stuck in to making their own felt name flag. Get as creative as you like with lettering and design, then carefully glue everything together (and get some help with sewing if you need). You'll have your very own pennant to hang on the bedroom door or decorate your space. These also make great personalised presents for school friends and siblings.

Painted Mug

Paint a personalised mug (or make one for grandma)

With the right paint (and a little know-how) you can create your own mug masterpiece at home. Little ones will be happy sploshing paint around for some freeform art, while older mug-makers might want to plan out their creative designs. Don't forget to cover everything with newspaper and drop sheets before you begin!

Choc Covered Bananas

Make some yummy choc-covered bananas

Sometimes the best kinds of projects are the ones you get to eat at the end. Just like these yummy choc-covered bananas. Kids will love turning fruit into lollipops, then dipping in chocolate and decorating with sprinkles, nuts and strawberries. Make for special occasions like birthdays, or just rainy Sunday afternoons.

We're full of ideas when it comes to fun activities for kids! See all our kids craft projects here.




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