Christmas Eve Box: The new family tradition you’ll want to try this year

Christmas Eve Box: The new family tradition you’ll want to try this year

What does the night of December 24th look like at your house? Maybe it's all about Christmas traditions like prepping cookies for Santa (plus some carrots for the reindeer). Maybe you'll take a tour of neighbourhood Christmas lights, or hang up a stocking just in case you're on the 'nice' list.

Maybe this year you'll be having fun with a new festive tradition as well: the Christmas Eve Box. Inspired by the German tradition of gift-giving on Christmas Eve, the Christmas Eve Box contains everything you need to entertain the kids the night before the big day, and also get them off to sleep with minimum fuss (and minimum waiting-up-for-Santa time).

Basically, the Christmas Eve Box is a way of sharing the festive spirit just a little early, as well as a bit of a sanity-saver for parents who might also need some time to relax, or wrap presents, or glaze a giant ham.

Here's how it works: each child is gifted their own special box, which can be re-used and cherished over time. Each year it's filled with personalised gifts to make the most of the night before Christmas. Depending on what's inside (and how old your kids are) you might like to open the boxes in the afternoon or early evening to properly enjoy their contents. And also avoid too much excitement just before bedtime!

So, what to pop inside? Here are some of our favourite Christmas box ideas, just to get you started:

Gingerbread & Chocolate

Gingerbread and chocolate

Scatter in some seasonal treats, like gingerbread people and festive chocolates. Because everyone deserves something yummy before bedtime on the holidays.

Christmas pyjamas

New jammies are a treat at any time, especially when you're about to curl up in bed and wait for Santa Claus to come. Plus, kids get to wake up on the big day already dressed for festive fun.

Tree decoration

Here's an opportunity to start another cherished family tradition: each child receives their own personal bauble in their Christmas Eve box, and gets to tie it on the family tree before bed. There's something a bit magical about having your own special decoration to admire!

Festive Mugs

Festive mug

Older children and teens will appreciate their own special festive mug. Weather depending, it might also be a good excuse to whip up some hot chocolate for the whole family. Don't forget the marshmallows!

Christmas books

Little ones will love classic festive bedtime stories, like The 12 Days of Christmas, in picture-book form. For older children and teens, try something in the fantasy genre. Ghost stories are a Christmas tradition, after all.

Christmas Accessories

Christmas accessories

Older children and teens deserve a bit of Christmas magic, too. So why not include festive earrings, socks or scrunchies in their Christmas Eve Box? It's something cute to wear on the night, and for the big day, too.

Cuddly festive toy

Younger children will cherish a fluffy toy reindeer or Santa teddy to cuddle up with on Christmas Eve. (This also makes bedtime extra special and enticing for those who might be a bit excited for tomorrow's presents.)

Colouring book and stickers

Here's one that might encourage a bit of quiet time with younger children: some holiday-themed colouring, and perhaps some stickers, too. Especially great if parents need a bit of focus to prep for the big day.

Cute Craft Kits

A cute craft kit

Craft kits are another lovely idea for all ages - it's something fun for kids to focus on in the build-up to Christmas Day. They might even be able to churn out some last-minute presents if you're lucky!

Try our Jolly & Joy DIY Wreath Christmas Eve Box to start your new festive family tradition. And for more delightful holiday ideas, head here to Make Christmas Yours.




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