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Get Creative With Ironlak Colour Pencils, Markers And Pens

If it's quality drawing supplies you're after, delve into a world of colour with the Ironlak range at Spotlight. Ironlak offers all sorts of mediums for artists to try, including markers, pens and pencils, as well as quality drawing pads to use them with.

Let's dive into Ironlak and what you can expect from this wonderful Australian brand!

What's available in the Ironlak range

Here is what you can find in the Ironlak range at Spotlight:

  • Coloured pencil sets: You can find quality sets for traditional Ironlak colour pencils, watercolour pencils and sketch pencils here. Larger sets come in 24 pencil packs and smaller ones will have 12.
  • Gel pen sets: Gel pens have thick and creamy ink that makes them a delight to write with. They're great for posters and other advertising that you need to stand out!
  • Fineliner pens: These fine-tipped pens are ideal for lettering and lining sketches. They dry very quickly and are safe to erase over.
  • Woodless graphite pencils: These pencils are cleaner to sharpen and give you more graphite to work with. Use them for shading, sketching, lining and blurring.
  • Art pads: These drawing pads are suitable for most Ironlak media. Choose a thick 230gsm paper pad for rough techniques like pastel shading or charcoal art, and look to the 90gsm bleed-proof paper pad for graphic markers and art pens.

Ironlak FAQs

What is Ironlak?

The Ironlak brand started in Sydney in 2002 out of the desire for affordable art supplies for graffiti artists. Ironlak has since expanded across the globe and offers a wide range of mediums and materials for artists to use.

What is an aquarelle brush?

Aquarelle brushes from Ironlak are dual-tipped markers that use water-based ink. Use them on wet paper to create washed and watercolour-like effects, or on dry paper as a regular marker.

How to use watercolour pencils

While they can be used as regular colour pencils, watercolour pencils should be combined with water to unleash their true potential. Use them on a wet surface, dip the tip into water before using or use dry and then paint over the lines with water to achieve all sorts of different watercolour effects.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have so many more amazing art supplies for you to try out! Try exploring our:

  • Calligraphy art pens: These elegant pens are perfect for lettering and calligraphy. Use them for letter writing, poster and project making and more!
  • Drawing supplies: Everything you need to draw with is here, including pens, pencils, markers, charcoal and pastels, as well as handy tools like sharpeners and erasers.
  • Art pads & visual diaries: You can find an art pad for your medium here! From sketching to watercolour painting, we've got an art pad or visual diary perfect for it in this category.

Browse the full range of art supplies online for even more options, and look through our art and craft range for anything else you need to sate your creative desires.

Find the right Ironlak colours and supplies at Spotlight

Ready to start your art? Shop for Ironlak colour pencil packs, pens and markers online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best Ironlak colours for your next project.

For more information on our drawing supplies, read our helpful buying guides on pens, pencils and markers, paper and card and scrapbooking. And if it's artistic inspiration and ideas you need, make sure to check out our blogs on using watercolour pencils, drawing with markers and our guide to flow painting.



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