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Spotlight's Outdoor Cushion Buying Guide

When you are looking for some stunning outdoor cushions and cushion covers, you are in the right spot at Spotlight. With our tremendous range of cushions to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. But how do you choose from such a large range? Let us help you decide with this convenient outdoor cushion buying guide.

Which fabric is best for outdoor cushions?

There are a bunch of fabrics you could consider, so you are not limited to one material. Here are some of the ones you are most likely to encounter and their benefits.

Sunbrella: This kind of fabric has been around since the 60s and is still looking strong. It is a durable material with an outstanding resistance against moisture and colour fading, which makes it all the more attractive. On top of that, the material is also quite breathable, which makes it feel a little better against the skin than most materials.

Cotton canvas: A plain woven fabric that is proven to be one of the most popular for outdoor fabrics. It is also considered as a heavy-duty fabric, which means the material is extremely durable and unlikely to show premature signs of wear and tear. Cotton canvas is easy to dye too, so you will find cushions in this material in all sorts of designs and colours.

Duck cloth: This material is characterised by a very tight weave, which makes it really resistant to tearing. It also has a little smoother feel compared to cotton canvas materials.

Vinyl: A plastic that is used for fabrics that require additional durability. Since it is a plastic, it is quite easy to maintain and also very resistant to stains. And, even though it is a plastic, vinyl is completely recyclable, so the impact on the environment is not as bad as you might think.

What filling is most suitable for outdoor cushions?

Most outdoor cushions are filled with foam, this because the density of foam can easily be adjusted to meet the customer's requirements. It is also a relatively affordable material, and this keeps the cost down too.

There are countless types of foam that can be used in outdoor cushions. There is fibrefill, which is known to be resistant against mildew. However, it can start to bunch together when put in the washing machine. Alternatively, there is polyurethane foam, which is one of the most used materials in outdoor cushions. This common material has a density that is quite desirable for outdoor furniture and can provide decent back support. However, this kind of material does need to be treated with a special solution to protect it against mildew. In other words, you may have to replace this foam in time.

One of the other materials you can encounter for your outdoor cushions is open cell foam. Open cell foam has a high resistance to moisture, as it allows for more ventilation and therefore does not provide a good environment for mould or mildew. The material will also be treated with a special solution to prevent mould and mildew.

How to maintain my outdoor cushions?

Once you have your outdoor cushions, they only require some minimal maintenance. If you should encounter some dirt and debris, you can use a simple brush to remove it. Stains can also be blotted out with an appropriate product.

The only thing to be really careful of is sun lotion. Sun lotions that contain oil can cause some nasty stains on most fabrics and can be more difficult to remove. If you should notice a stain like this, we recommend removing it with some soapy water as soon as possible. To prevent the oil from staining the outdoor cushions permanently, you can add some simple corn starch before you clean it. The starch will soak up the oil and prevent it from going into the fabric.

Buying Outdoor Cushions At Spotlight

When you purchase some outdoor cushions and cushion covers at Spotlight, you can easily find the materials by clicking on the product description. Based on our guide, you should be able to make a more informed decisions and get the cushions that meet your requirements best. Also, be sure to check out the other outdoor sections on our website for even more brilliant outdoor solutions.



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