Outdoor Lighting

Transform your patio, garden or yard with some decorative outdoor lighting. Specially designed to be used outdoors, the lighting available at Spotlight will add an element of fun to your outdoor spaces as well as making a real difference to your outdoor entertaining. Choose from different designs including different types of fruit, a cactus or a bunny, or go nautical with an anchor-shaped design. Can also be used for kids rooms and balcony areas.

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Thinking About Outdoor Lighting? Read Our Buying Guide for Outdoor Lights First!

Outdoor lighting can transform your garden when it gets dark! So, if you wish to enjoy the beauty of your garden even after the sun has gone down, choosing some outdoor lighting could certainly provide a solution.

Thinking of buying some outdoor lighting from Spotlight? Read our useful buying guide below to determine which outdoor lights suit you best.

What Area of Your Garden Requires More Lighting?

Before you choose some outdoor lighting, it is important to determine which area of the garden could use some additional lighting. For example, if you want to light up the garden path, you will need different lighting than if you would like to add more light to the patio.

When unsure about your lighting needs, it could help to choose some portable lights instead of outdoor lighting that is fixed in place. Portable lighting gives you the opportunity to move your lights if required, but also allows you to experiment to find its optimal position. Afterwards, you can still switch to fixed outdoor lighting if you wish to do so.

What Types of Outdoor Lighting Could I Choose?

There are various types of outdoor lighting you could consider. Each of the outdoor lighting types mentioned below use a different power source, so be sure to read through each of them to find out which could be most beneficial for your garden.

Electrical Outdoor Lighting

One of the best options for outdoor lighting is undoubtedly electrical outdoor lighting. Even though they must be connected to your main power lines, they do guarantee continuous lighting without interruptions.

Of course, there is a downside to electrical outdoor lighting, mainly because these lights are fixed in place. So, when you change your mind about the ideal location of your outdoor lighting, then it usually takes a lot of work and extra money to move the lights to another location.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

Customers who want something a little more mobile could choose solar-powered outdoor lighting. The solar-powered option will gather its power from the sun during the day and then illuminate the garden by night. Since this type of lighting does not require connection to your electrical power grid, they can easily be moved when required.

Naturally, solar-powered outdoor lighting is not perfect, because it also has some disadvantages. Firstly, solar-powered outdoor lighting has a solar battery, which must be replaced from time to time. Also, prolonged cloudy weather could impact the amount of light your solar-powered lights provide at the end of the day.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Lighting

The battery-powered outdoor lighting option is undoubtedly the most portable out of the three options we mentioned today. This outdoor lighting does not require wiring and does provide a continuous supply of light.

Of course, battery-powered outdoor lighting does work with batteries, which means they must be replaced from time to time. Decent battery-powered outdoor lighting can be quite expensive too, especially some of the larger versions. However, the smaller outdoor lighting options can be quite affordable, but usually do not provide the amount of light most customers want in their garden.


The final option for some extra light outdoors is the candle, which immediately adds loads of atmosphere. They can be used for evening barbecues, or even a romantic evening with your partner.

Naturally, candles are no long-term solution for outdoor lighting, since they burn up quite quickly. They are also subject to the weather elements, so a quick gust of wind can turn off the light extremely quick. Therefore, most people recommend combining candles with solar-powered options.



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