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The Must-Have Storage Accessories for Travellers from Spotlight!

While most people are already familiar with common storage solutions such as shelving units and sideboards for the home, not everyone knows about the cool storage accessories currently available at Spotlight for travellers!

Below, you can find an overview of must-have storage accessories for travellers, which could provide you with added security on the go. Be sure to read through our overview and discover some storage accessories that could make your life a little easier.

What Is the First Storage Accessory I Should Get from Spotlight?

One of our bestsellers is the Globite RFID Blocking Passport Holder, a special passport storage accessory that protects your passport against wireless ID theft! Even though this is not an item that will be used in your home a lot, it is certainly a storage solution that will be used often by Australians who travel frequently.

The Globite RFID Blocking Passport is available in three colours, so customers will easily find a colour that matches their personal preference. There are more Globite products you might find interesting aside from this item too, so make sure to check some of the other Globite recommendations.

What Is the Second Storage Accessory I Should Get from Spotlight?

Our next recommendation is another popular choice amongst travellers, since it is the Globite RFID Security Neck Pouch. The Globite RFID Security Neck Pouch gives you a safe place for your passport and credit cards while you are on the go, since this pouch will be kept close to you all the time!

Of course, the Globite RFID Security Neck Pouch is equipped with the same technology as the previously mentioned blocking passport, since it also protects the consumer against wireless ID theft.

What Is the Third Storage Accessory I Should Get from Spotlight?

Do you often find yourself in need of extra protection for your suitcase or other luggage items, but is there nothing available to provide that protection? If so, you could certainly amp up security with the Globite Solid Brass Lock.

The Globite Solid Brass Lock is designed to fit most zippers on luggage. The lock can be used on your luggage while on the go, subsequently providing an extra measure of security against theft. Of course, you can also use the lock on your luggage when you leave it in your hotel room if there is no hotel safe present.

Please note that the Globite Solid Brass Lock is not your only lock option from this brand, since Spotlight also provides you with options such as the Globite TSA Luggage Lock. Check out our entire collection to determine which lock meets your requirements best.

What Is the Fourth Storage Accessory I Should Get from Spotlight?

Travellers who want a backpack that provides a combination of convenience and security should certainly consider the Globite Foldaway Backpack. As the name of this product suggests, the backpack can easily be folded up when it is not in use. The backpack also contains numerous security pockets, giving the traveller plenty of space for valuables.

Another big benefit of the Globite Foldaway Backpack is that the backpack is light! Travellers often find themselves with backpacks that are too heavy, which does not make their travels any more comfortable. Fortunately, this problem belongs in the past with the Globite Foldaway Backpack!

What Other Traveller Storage Accessories Are Available at Spotlight?

There are many other storage accessories for travellers at Spotlight, so be sure to check out our catalogue if you want to discover more unique accessories that could make your travels more secure and convenient!



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