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Find a range of charming wall mirrors for your home online at Spotlight. Shop fashionable round mirrors, arch mirrors & decorative hanging mirrors today.

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Where can I buy wall mirrors online?

If you're looking for wall mirrors Spotlight offers a variety of designs that will make any bare wall much more interesting. Our wall mirrors are not just functional pieces of furniture, but are also decorative that will reflect your personal style.

What type of wall mirrors does Spotlight offer?

Here at Spotlight, we have wall mirrors in different shapes and sizes. We have large full length wall mirrors that let you see your entire body, and can either be hung on walls and doors, or just leaned against an empty space on your walls.

We also have small and medium sized wall mirrors that provide a great view of your face and hair. These are typically hung at head height so you can easily glance at your reflection whenever you need to.

If you're looking for a clean and minimalist look, we have wall mirrors with simple wood, metal and plastic frames in different shades to match the theme of your home decor.

If you're looking to add an interesting focal point and accent piece to your walls, we have wall mirrors featuring classic sunburst designs, as well as other moulded plastic shapes and designs.

What benefits do wall mirrors offer?

Wall mirrors are not just for checking your own reflection to make sure you're always looking your best, they also improve the aesthetics of your home.

Aside from how it looks on your wall, mirrors add dimension to any area. A wall mirror that's placed in a small or cramped space can make it look larger or longer than it really is. Wall mirrors can also brighten up a space by reflecting the existing ambient light from open windows or from artificial sources like lamps and lighting fixtures. You can also highlight special pieces of furniture or home decor when they are strategically placed next to them or right across them so their reflections are always in view.

Where are the best places to hang a wall mirror?

Wall mirrors can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. You can place them in areas where you normally get dressed such as in bedrooms and bathrooms so you can easily check your outfit, your hair or your makeup before heading out the door. Wall mirrors can also be placed in hallways and foyers so that everybody in the house, including any guests you have over, can easily check their appearance whenever they feel the need to.

Decorative wall mirrors are great additions to any living room or dining room where they can become an elegant focal point that draws people's eyes. The right frame design can easily make a wall mirror look like a piece of art and adds character to any wall.

What other mirrors can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from wall mirrors, Spotlight also sells freestanding mirrors that come with their own stands. These can be placed anywhere such as in unused corners or right in the middle of a room or space.

Freestanding mirrors are usually tall full length mirrors with bases that take up very little floor space and can be easily moved from one place to another. These are often used as dressing mirrors and can be placed in areas where the walls are normally filed with shelves or wardrobe closets. We even have freestanding mirrors that can be opened up to reveal more storage space for your jewellery, cosmetics and other knick knacks. We have freestanding mirrors can be tilted up or down so that you can view your whole body reflection no matter how short or tall you are, or how close or far away you are from the mirror.



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