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Looking for new inserts for your cushions? Or making your own cushions to match your bedroom? Take a look at these great value cushions online now!

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How to Select a Cushion Insert?

Many customers prefer buying cushion inserts these days. Not only are cushion inserts affordable, they can easily be replaced once it has lost its shape due to repeated use. Customers can count on a large collection of cushion inserts at Spotlight, giving them the perfect fit for bedroom, decorative, or chair cushions.

Curious how you can choose the right cushion insert for your needs? Read through our useful guide to cushion inserts below to get the most from your new cushion insert!

How Do I Determine the Size of the Right Cushion Insert?

Before you look at some of the details of cushion inserts, it is essential to look at the basics first. One of these basics is the cushion insert size. There are many different sizes available, but you can usually determine the right size easier by looking at the cover the cushion insert must fit.

Measure your cushion cover horizontally and vertically to determine its correct size. Then, you can proceed to determine the size of your cushion insert, which is subject to how you like your cushions. For example, if you like your cushions to be plump, it is a good idea to choose a cushion insert that is five centimetres bigger than the length and the height of the cover. For example, if you have a cover that measures 45 cm x 45 cm, you should choose an insert of 50 cm x 50 cm.

Customers can choose cushion inserts that match the size of their cushion covers. However, by choosing the same size, the resulting cushion will appear less plump and filled out. So, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

What Are the Different Types of Cushion Inserts?

Much like cushion covers, there are different types of cushion inserts. The type of the cushion insert is determined by the material it is made of. To give you a thorough overview of these materials, we have created a summary of common cushion insert materials below.

Down Cushion Inserts

Cushion inserts made from down feathers tend to be the priciest option. Down is a material made from duck and goose feathers, which immediately explains why it is more expensive than most manmade materials.

Down inserts provide some benefits to your cushion. Firstly, the cushion insert easily changes shape - this means they can make wonderful decorative cushions. Down inserts also feel quite comfortable, so these inserts are also used for sleeping pillows.

There are some downsides to down inserts though, since they are not suitable for people with allergies. They are also hard to maintain, since feathers are more difficult to fluff after they have been washed.

Foam Cushion Inserts

The foam cushion insert is made from a material called polyurethane. Since this is a manmade material, it is quite affordable compared to down cushion inserts. However, with this type of cushion, the density of the insert will determine its longevity. So, if you want to make sure these foam inserts last, be sure to choose a denser insert.

Polyester Cushion Inserts

Another popular option is the polyester cushion insert. The polyester fibres are softer than the foam insert and retain their shape better over time, so many people prefer a polyester cushion insert if their budget does not allow for a down cushion insert.

We must also mention that polyester cushion inserts are hypoallergenic - this means they can be used by anyone with allergies. Therefore, it is certainly not a stretch to say that polyester cushion inserts are the perfect alternative for down cushion inserts, which often cause allergic reactions.



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