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Top Tips To Keep Your Home Warm In Colder Temperatures

While you can keep your home warm and comfortable with a good heating system, there are some top tips you can use to keep your home warm and save money at the same time. If you are curious how to minimize your heating bill and keep your home efficient, be sure to read on.

How Can I Use My Curtains To Keep My Home Warm?

When it gets a little colder outside, it is a good idea to get the most from the sunlight. During the summer, you might be keeping your curtains closed to keep the heat out. However, when it gets colder, you can benefit from opening those curtains.

By opening the curtains during the day, you let in some of the sunrays that can warm up your home. Of course, once it gets dark outside, it is important to close those curtains back up again, this will prevent the heat from escaping through the miniscule holes in your windowsill.

Should I Consider A Timer On My Heating System?

If your heating is constantly on, then you will be paying a considerable amount on your heating bill. Truth of the matter is, your heating does not have to be on all the time for you to be warm and comfortable, this means you could benefit from having a timer on your central heating system.

A timer enables you to set times for your heating to turn on. So, when you are out and about, you can simply turn your heating of automatically. Then, you can turn it on again approximately a half hour before you get home.

Nowadays, you can also get more innovative systems than a timer. Some companies allow you to control your heating by remote control or your cell phone, even when you are not at home. Evidently, a good thermostat can benefit you too, as it automatically turns of the heating when the desired temperature has been reached. These advancements in technology can all save you a considerable amount of cash.

What Changes Can I Make In My Home For Maximum Comfort In The Winter?

We mentioned the two most important aspects of making your home heating system efficient, but there are other small changes you can make to get the most from your heating system and reduce your utility bills.

Move your furniture - When you put certain furniture in front of the radiator, this furniture could actually absorb the heat and influence the heat production inside your home negatively. One prime example is the sofa, which is often placed near a source of heat. So, while putting the sofa near your radiator may give you a toasty spot to sit, it will influence the temperature inside your home.

Check your insulation - One of the essentials to check inside your home is insulation. There are lots of spots around your home where heating can be lost, especially when there is insufficient insulation present.

One of the areas where heating can be lost is your roof. 20% of your heating can actually be lost in this area, so lining your roof with the correct amount of insulation will prevent that loss of heating and save you more than 100 dollars on heating each year.

Wear and extra sweater - Even though we like to avoid a sweater whenever we can, putting on a sweater when it gets a little colder outside can save you on heating and keep you comfortable at the same time. During the colder temperatures, it can be difficult to warm up, even in homes where the temperature is quite comfortable. To avoid feeling cold and overusing your heating system, wearing a light sweater inside the home can help.

Check your home for draughts - Draughts coming from your front or backdoor can make your home uncomfortably cold, no matter how much you turn up the thermostat. If you do not have the budget to have some weather stripping installed, you can find a cheap solution in the form of a draught excluder. Draught excluders are relatively cheap and even come in fun designs that match the interior of your home. So, why not obtain one to maximise your home's heating efficiency?



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