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Get Cooler Easier by Getting Familiar with These Current-Day Fans!

Fans are still a popular way to keep temperature inside a room a little cooler - this is also necessary, because the Australian sun is known to provide some hot temperatures. If you are in the market for a new fan, be sure to read through our overview below, since we are about to disclose the most popular current-day fans available in stores.

What Is a Table Fan?

Table fans are counted amongst the smallest household fans. They are compact, small, and overall easy to transport. However, despite their easy transport, most table fans are kept on a desk in the home of the average Australian.

In addition to the compact size, table fans are quite affordable too. So, if you need a cooling solution for your home on a budget, the table fan might be the ideal choice. However, do not forget that table fans only cover a small amount of space in the home, so only choose this fan if you plan on sitting relatively close to it.

What Is a Pedestal Fan?

The pedestal fan, also known as the freestanding fan, is characterised by a long pedestal keeping the fan in an upright position. The height of this fan is usually adjustable, providing consumers with a better solution for larger rooms.

Even though the pedestal fan can cover a large area in the home, it does pose a problem for consumers who have little floor space. The pedestal fan is also not recommended for homes with children or pets, who could cause the pedestal fan to fall. Even though the fan comes with some degree of protection, it should never be left with children or pets without supervision.

What Is a Window Fan?

The window fan is specifically designed for rooms that cannot benefit from a good draft through. It is also a solution for rooms that do not have a large amount of desk or floor space, since this type of fan can be installed in the window, wall, and even ceiling.

A window fan removes stale air from the home and brings in fresh air from the outside. Of course, the fan provides a similar problem when outdoor temperatures are extremely hot, leading the fan only to push hot air around.

What Is a Wall-Mounted Fan?

Would you rather avoid installing a fan in your window or wall? If so, you can still save valuable floor space by mounting your fan on the wall! The wall-mounted fan is available in all sizes, and some even come with a remote-control and swivel function for more convenience.

Most wall-mounted fans provide extremely powerful air circulation, making them suitable for more than just use in the home. Wall-mounted fans are popular in garages, warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments, proving that the air circulation capacity of most wall-mounted fans will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

What Other Fans Are Available?

We already mentioned some of the best-known fan options, but there are others you should be aware of! Additional options include floor fans, tower fans, ceiling fans, box fans, misting fans, and many others. So, if you have not found the perfect option for your home, be sure to check for these additional fans too.

Do I Need Air Conditioning?

Fans can be more cost-effective solutions for hot weather, but air conditioning can be more effective for extremely hot weather. For example, if you have a home that only has small windows or improper ventilation, the fan will only push hot air around. Naturally, this does not make your home any more comfortable. So, in these cases, an air conditioning unit could provide more cooling than a fan.



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