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Protect your furniture from damage, scratches & pet hair with furniture covers from Spotlight. Shop couch covers, chair covers & more online or in-store today.

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Shop Easy to Use Couch Covers, Chair Covers & Furniture Covers at Spotlight

Spotlight has a large range of couch covers available to protect your furniture. Our furniture covers are available in a wide range of colours and can be used as a chair cover, dining chair cover, sofa cover, and loads more. Furniture covers are great for extending the life of your furniture, giving the furniture a new look and protecting it from messes. Perfect for homes with kids and pets, furniture covers make it easy to keep furniture clean.

Discover the Various Types of Couch Covers and Chair Covers Available

There are various options when it comes to furniture covers. To ensure you have the right instructions, we have laid out the options in a little more detail below.

  • Pet couch covers: These couch covers are a layer of protection for your sofa to keep those pesky hairs off your actual sofa. Usually, these covers are machine washable making them super convenient.
  • Living room sofa covers: Living room sofas can be covered with slipcovers, which are simply pulled over the entire sofa and then kept into place with the accompanying weights. Alternatively, you can use a simple cover as well, which only covers part of the sofa but not the arms.
  • Sofa slipcovers: As we mentioned before, sofa slipcovers are simply pulled over the sofa. They are made from a stretchable fabric, so these covers have plenty of flexibility where size is concerned. However, with slipcovers, it is vital to pay extra attention to the height of your sofa as well as the width. Find sofa covers for two-seater and three-seater sofas in our range.
  • Armchair covers: Much like with other types of furniture, always measure from the outside of one arm to the outside of the other arm. You should also incorporate the height of the armchair if you intend to cover the entire chair.
  • Recliner chair covers: Revitalise your recliner chair without limiting the functionality with a specially designed recliner chair cover.
  • Dining chair covers: Breathe fresh new life into old and dated chairs and create an instant modern, fitted look. A great low-cost way to transform your chairs and the look of your home.

Furniture Covers FAQs

Can you dry-clean couch covers?

You can wash and dry clean couch covers, depending on the material. If the covers are made from common materials such as cotton, you can easily wash them yourself - always follow the care instructions from the package. Please note that your couch cover will show signs of wear and tear over time. Washing your furniture covers will increase their lifespan, but even the action of washing the covers can make them fade over the years. So, if your furniture covers have faded, always make sure to purchase some replacements.

How to find a couch cover that fits?

To ensure you have a suitable couch cover, always measure your furniture from the outer edge of one arm to the outer edge of the other arm. Never measure from the inside, as this will provide you with a cover that is too small for your needs.

How much are couch covers?

The prices for couch covers are widely variable since they can contain a considerable amount of fabric or little fabric. Naturally, the amount of fabric used, and the type of fabric used can certainly determine its price. If you want to discover the differences, have a quick look at our range.

Discover Great Couch Covers and Furniture Covers Online

Easy to use slip-on couch covers will keep the pet hairs and scratches at bay whilst chair covers will instantly give your furniture a fresh look. Find all the furniture covers you need for low prices at Spotlight. We're here to help you decorate your home for less with our range of home decor and home essentials. Shop the entire selection of home decor today to create a beautiful home, check out great candles and candle holders, lamps and lighting, ottomans and footstools, ornaments, fragrance diffusers and more. Shop the range online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or find your nearest store today. For more inspiration to elevate your home check out the Decorate Blog, some articles you might like include Living Room Lighting: Everything You Need To Know and How To Choose & Style A Coffee Table.



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