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Choose The Perfect Ottoman For Your Home With Our Buying Guide

Buying an ottoman is a smart idea, as it provides you with a lovely decoration as well as some additional storage space. But how do you find an ottoman that suits your home perfectly? If you need some assistance during the buying process, be sure to read through our smart buying guide below.

Which ottoman shape is best for my interior?

When you take a quick look at our range of ottomans, you will notice that there are a bunch of different shapes available. So, how do you select the best shape for your rooms. Here are some of the benefits of each shape.

Round ottomans: When you are looking for a little bit more versatility from storage solutions, the round ottoman is a brilliant choice. Contrary to other shapes, the round ottoman is also brilliant for a small space, as you can easily place it in the middle of the room without it becoming a hindrance.

Square ottomans: One should only choose a square ottoman to supplement and enhance existing furniture. While the square ottoman does provide some storage space, it provides less than the longer rectangular and takes up more space than the round options. That being said, square ottomans can certainly enhance your existing interior.

Rectangular ottomans: The rectangular ottoman is a great choice for additional storage in the bedroom and the living room. Of course, an ottoman such as this will need sufficient space, so we recommend only using rectangular versions when you have sufficient space in your home.

Which materials are best for ottomans?

You will find many materials used for ottomans these days. Since there are countless materials that can be used, you can easily find something that matches your existing interior. Below, we have listed the most popular materials and their benefits.

Leather: Evidently, this is a really popular material for ottomans and other furniture. Leather is known for its durability and beautiful look, although it is also more expensive than the average fabric.

Please note that the size of the room you put the ottoman in could have an influence on the colour. If you have a really small room, a lighter beige tends to be better. If you have a bigger room, you can use some darker leathers to create more contrast or a stunning focal point.

Fabric: Leather is a material that fits in almost any room, so some homeowners can struggle a bit more with fabric. That being said, if you have a fabric sofa, then you will have no problems choosing a fabric ottoman to match.

Fabric ottomans tend to be more affordable than their leather counterparts. So, if you want an ottoman but not break the bank at the same time, the fabric option should be best.

Rattan: While leather and fabric ottomans are only suitable for indoor use, rattan ottomans can be used inside and outside your home. If you like the idea of having a little more stylish storage in your garden, then a rattan ottoman could be an option for you.

There are some additional benefits to rattan ottomans aside from being suitable for inside and outside your home. Rattan ottomans are relatively lightweight, and they require little maintenance. On top of that, it is also possible to customise certain rattan ottomans, which makes this a more personal choice.

Do ottomans come in different designs?

You have different shapes and materials for your ottomans, but there are various designs too. The storage design is probably the most widely known, as this kind of ottoman is the most popular. However, you can also get the button designs, pillow-top design and even a table and tray version. As you can imagine, each of these designs has a functional benefit, so it can be advantageous to ask yourself which function you want to take advantage of.

The footstools, ottomans and bean bags from Spotlight

No matter the design or shape of ottoman you are looking for, there is certainly a wide range to choose from at Spotlight. We have ottomans in various shapes and colours, but also different designs with their own range of functions. If you are looking for a functional ottoman, you can find one for an amazing price at Spotlight today!



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