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Everyone needs a good footstool in their home, but how do you choose that one footstool that fits your requirements perfectly? Easy! Because Spotlight has created the ultimate guide to footstools below! Read through our guide below to determine which footstool will make your life a little easier.

What Different Types of Footstools Are Available?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of footstool selection, it is important to get a little familiar with the various types of footstools you can obtain nowadays. Common types of footstools include the leather footstool, antique footstool, vintage pouf, Moroccan pouf, and specialist footstools.

While most footstools just provide a place for you to put your feet, specialist footstools often come with extra features - this could include rocking motions, gliding, and a reclining function. So, if optimal comfort is your main concern, you should choose a specialist footstool above all the rest.

Should I Select a Footstool Only as a Foot Rest?

The main purpose of a footstool is putting your feet up in a comfortable position, but that does not mean that this is the only function the footstool has nowadays. Many Australians use a footstool as a decoration in their home, so style and colour will be just as important as the functionality and design of the footstool.

What Are the Main Considerations When Selecting a Footstool?

One of your main concerns should always be the nature of your household. For example, if your home has children or pets, it is unwise to select a vintage footstool with a delicate design. Instead, it is better to choose something a little sturdier, even though it may not be as beautiful as the vintage option. Of course, if pets and children are not present in your household, then your footstool selection will become a little easier.

The location where the footstool will be used should be a consideration too, since a footstool used for an armchair in the bedroom will be different than a footstool used in the living room. You should also consider the interior design of that location, so you can choose a footstool to match the decor.

Finally, customers should also consider the material used for the footstool. For example, does your footstool only contain wood? Or is it padded with some fabric? The material of footstools is especially important for homes with pets, since certain fabrics can hold onto pet hairs easily. So, always check the details and characteristics of materials if you have a home with pets.

Are There Footstools That Provide Storage?

While footstools with storage are less flexible than some of the reclining footstools out there, they are available. Footstools that have storage incorporated into the design are usually extremely sturdy too, which makes them a good choice for households with children and pets.

Is Special Maintenance Required for Footstools?

Most footstools will require some type of maintenance, although the degree of maintenance heavily depends on all the materials used to create the footstool. For example, if your footstool contains a lot of fabric, then you will need to hoover or brush the upholstery at least once a week.

Manufacturers also recommend turning your footstool around regularly, except for specialist footstools that usually recline in only one direction. By rotating your footstool, you ensure an even distribution of wear and tear - this ensures that your footstool gets a longer lifespan.

Spotlight provides many unique footstools - this includes footstools of various sizes and materials. Check out our full range of footstools today and enjoy a beautiful new addition to your living room, lounge, or bedroom.



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