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Diamond Dotz is a phenomenal new way to craft! Create beautiful designs using the easy and all-inclusive craft kits, which product a stunning shimmer effect. Available in a wide selection of designs to cater to your style preference, the end result is a Diamond Dotz creation that is so visually stunning, it will definitely get you hooked on this new craft craze. Shop the complete Diamond Dotz range available online.

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Create Stunning Artwork Quickly And Easily With Diamond Dotz

For a fun and easy way to create incredibly detailed artwork, look no further than Diamond Dotz art kits! This amazing brand creates gem art kits that are simple to use for artists of all experiences, with quality gems and canvas included in every diamond art kit.

At Spotlight we've got dozens of different Diamond Dotz art kits for you to choose from, with everything from landscape art pieces to animal closeups available for you to create. You can also find spare bead packs, bead trays, canvas rolls, extra styluses and wax pots to fill out your collection.

What you can make with Diamond Dotz

Diamond Dotz are mainly used to create diamond art, which are painting-like images composed of many tiny coloured dots glued onto the canvas. These can be small or large images - the larger the image, the longer it will take to complete.

Spare diamond dots can also be used to bedazzle phone cases, coasters, mirrors, cards, scrapbooks and hair clips.

Diamond Dotz FAQ

What is Diamond Dotz?

The Australian Diamond Dotz company is a market leader in the diamond art business, with superior quality seen in every one of its products. Each diamond is made from high-quality epoxy resin, with an impressive 13 facets to help each one sparkle in the light, while their canvas surfaces are made from heavyweight polyester that resists wrinkles and can hold even the heaviest diamond art projects!

What is a Diamond Dotz painting?

A Diamond Dotz painting is an image composed entirely of resin faceted dots that have been adhered to a prepared polyester canvas. These incredibly detailed images are designed to sparkle in the light and are easy to use - simply pick up some wax with a stylus, grab the dot and then adhere it to the prepared canvas.

What is the difference between Diamond Dotz and diamond art?

Diamond Dotz is the brand name of a business that creates diamond art kits - diamond art is what you create using Diamond Dotz (or another brand) art kits. Diamond art creates what is sometimes called diamond paintings, which look similar to dot art - they are artwork created by adding many coloured dots together to form a complete image.

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Find The Right Diamond Dotz Kits At Spotlight

Ready to create some diamond paintings? Choose your Diamond Dotz kit online, safely pay and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find all the gem art kits you need. Love to create paintings? Check out our painting projects for fun step-by-step instructions for painting beautiful artworks, such as our fruit wall art, bird of paradise and crackle painting projects. And for ideas and helpful guides on everything art, read our handy blogs on creating resin art, mixing paint colours and choosing the right painting easel.



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