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Discover the Different Types of Locks for Your Windows and Doors!

There are many different types of locks for windows and doors available. Each of these locks has its own series of advantages and disadvantages, so it is certainly a good idea for customers to investigate the different types before they make their decision.

Curious what the best locks are for windows and doors? Check out the main types below!

What is the 5 Lever Mortice Deadlock?

A 5-lever mortice deadlock is considered as one of the safest locks out there, mainly because of its anti-lockpick features. The 5-lever mortice deadlock can be locked from the inside and outside and is a common choice for front doors, windows, back doors, and patio doors.

To install a 5-lever mortice deadlock, the locking mechanism will be embedded in the door itself. Then, a strike plate must be fitted to the frame of the door, so that the locking mechanism can operate properly.

What Is the Rim-Automatic Deadlatch with Key Locking Handles?

Much like the previously mentioned lock, the rim-automatic deadlatch with key locking handles can be operated from the inside and the outside of the door. The rim-automatic deadlatch with key locking handles works with a cylinder within the lock itself - this cylinder connects with the keyhole that is situated on the outside of the door.

We do need to mention that the rim-automatic deadlatch with key locking handles are often used as an additional security measure, and not the main locking mechanism. Even though it can be used as a main locking mechanism, the rim-automatic deadlatch with key locking handles is not as secure as some of the other locking mechanisms available today.

What Is the Multi-Point Locking System?

Customers who are looking for a decent lock for their patio and French doors should certainly consider the multi-point locking system. As the name of this system suggests, the multi-point locking system has at least three locking points, which can all be turned with one key.

Despite some of the protection provided by the multi-point locking system, this type of lock is not often used on front doors. However, patio doors and French doors could certainly benefit from a locking mechanism such as this.

To operate a multi-point locking system, it must be fitted on the inside of the door - this on the top and the bottom of the frame itself. The locking system is then added to the vertical rail - this is often the rail where the doors overlap.

Why Are Good Locks So Important?

Even if you live in a relatively safe area, locks protect your home against burglary, theft, and other crimes. Having decent locks on your windows and doors could provide you with additional benefits as well, because insurers can provide you with a better insurance deal if you have decent locks installed. The same applies to homes that have a burglar alarm.

Please note that you must show proper maintenance of your locks and burglary alarm. These points are often ignored by Australian residents, who often encounter a surprise when it comes to claiming after a burglary.

What Additional Security Measures Could I Take for My Home?

Australians who want extra security on their doors could consider a so-called night latch - this is usually mounted on the interior of the door and allows you to get an additional lock from the inside.

Installing extra security locks could prove beneficial for your home insurance premium in some cases, however, it is certainly no guarantee. In some cases, the cost of extra locks will not weigh up to the savings on the insurance policy.



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