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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Need some help cleaning your car, caravan or home windows? Then get some of these convenient window cleaning aids from Spotlight.

Choose from cleaning cloths or mits, a squeegee for streak-free finishes or even a handy all in-one window cleaner which combines a cleaning pad, a squeegee and a bottle to fill with water and/or a detergent to get your windows sparkling clean in no time.

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How to Clean Your Windows Without Leaving Streaks?

Anyone who cleaned windows before already knows that those pesky streaks can be a real pain. You may have cleaned your windows, but those streaks make it seem like there has not been any cleaning whatsoever! So, how can you clean your windows without those annoying streaks? To find out, be sure to read the useful information below.

Is There a Magic Ingredient to Keep My Windows Streak-Free?

There is! Many people use a little bit of vinegar in their regular cleaning solution to get those windows streak-free. While the smell of vinegar may not be as pleasant when you are cleaning, it will give you clearer windows without any smudges.

How Do I Create a Vintage Cleaning Solution for My Windows?

Using vinegar to clean your windows is easier than you might think, although you must dilute it with water to get the best results. Most experts recommend using 50% water and 50% vinegar for optimal results. However, there are some additional things to consider when you decide to use the vinegar solution for your windows at home.

When you use a sponge to clean your windows, it is important to add some clear water to your windows and then add the solution. Never use the vinegar solution alone when you use the sponge, since this may absorb most of the solution before you can use it on the window.

Most people also use squeegees to clean their windows and this is often the cause of those pesky streaks. If you decide to use your squeegee in combination with your vinegar solution, ensure squeegee is damp before wiping the windows. Also, make sure you wipe from top to bottom.

Experts also recommend only cleaning your windows when there is no direct sunlight shining on them; this recommendation is done for a reason because sunlight could cause the solution to dry quicker and still leave those streaks you are trying to avoid.

When you are cleaning your windows with a heavier cleaning solution, or a combination of water and vinegar, it is still important to rinse and dry the window frames immediately. Prolonged use of those cleaning solutions may cause damage to window frames, so cleaning them immediately will prevent this problem.

Why Do I Still Get Streaks After Using a Vinegar and Water Cleaning Solution?

Even when you clean your windows with a combination of water and vinegar, you can still encounter those streaks. But what is the cause of these remaining streaks? Well, some commercial products you may have used previously could leave those streaks on your windows, despite using a combination of vinegar and water afterwards. Therefore, you want to give your windows a thorough wash with clear water before you use the vinegar and water solution.

What Is the Best Way to Wipe Down My Window After Cleaning?

Using the right cleaning solution will only get you so far when it comes down to a streak-free window, so you must obtain the right cloth to give your window a brilliant finish. One of the best ways to do that is by obtaining some microfibre cloths, which have an excellent reputation for leaving windows clean and pristine.

At Spotlight, you can find many microfibre cloths that could help you achieve that streak-free finish. We also have eco-friendly options, which are more than suitable for anyone who has a concern for the Australian environment. Looking for an even easier solution? Check out the Sabco All-in-1 Window Cleaner available at Spotlight.

Should I Avoid All Commercial Cleaning Products for Window Cleaning?

The short answer to this question is no. There are some commercial window cleaning products that have the right combination of ingredients and leave your windows streak-free. Such commercial window cleaning products are available at Spotlight, so you do not have to make your own window cleaning solution if you prefer the convenience of a pre-bought product. However, we do recommend reading the instructions on the label of the window cleaning products to get the best finish.

Of course, window cleaning is not limited to cleaning the windows of your home. Australians also need a good window cleaner for their car windows, for which separate cleaning products are available at Spotlight. So, be sure to check out our catalogue carefully to get the best products for your needs.

Where Can I Go with Questions Regarding Window Cleaning Products and Equipment?

Customers who require additional information about our window cleaning products and equipment can find loads of useful info on the product description page. However, if you cannot find what you need on this page, you are more than welcome to contact our team via telephone or email. Alternatively, you can also stop by at one of our stores and get some face-to-face assistance from our sales team.

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