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Discover How to Choose the Best Seal for Doors and Windows

At Spotlight, customers can acquire seals for their windows and doors. Door seals are available in various shapes and sizes - this ranges from threshold seals and frame seals. To help you choose the perfect seal for your doors and windows, be sure to read our useful guide below, which helps you determine which door seal is best.

What Type of Window or Door Do You Need the Seal For?

One of the most important things to determine before buying a door or window seal is the door and window type. Among door and window types, you can find single inward openings, single outward openings, double inward openings, sliding, double swing pivot, security screen and bi-fold, awning, sash, and double hung.

Naturally, the type of doors and windows in your home can have a serious impact on the seal you obtain. So, before you do anything else, make sure you have determined the type of windows and doors you need a seal for.

What Is the Problem?

Before you choose a door or window seal, you must also determine the specific problem you want to fix. There are different types of seals today - this goes from fire-protective seals to weather seals.

Since weather seals are the most common types of seals, we will discuss these seals in more detail below.

The Tension Seal

A tension seal, also known under the name v-strip, can be made from plastic and metal. It is commonly used on double-hung or sliding doors and windows. Installation is easy too, simply cut the seal with some scissors and add it to the desired location with finishing nails.

The Felt Seal

If you are on a tight budget, you could consider the more affordable felt seal. However, this type of seal only has a lifespan of only two years. Customers can choose between the basic felt seal or the reinforced felt seal, where pliable metal has been added to the structure of the strip.

The Foam Seal
Foam seals are commonly used on older windows and doors, since they can easily cover up cracks. They can be applied to the top and the bottom of window sashes, but also on the inside of door frames.

The Door Sweep

Door sweeps are a little different from the seals we mentioned before. A door sweet is usually a flat piece of material - this could be plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel. The material has a strip embedded in its design - this strip could be made by nylon, plastic, and vinyl. For door sweeps that are placed between the door and the threshold, the strip can be equipped with a brush.

Given the nature of the door sweep, this type of seal is only used at the bottom of a door. However, the function of the door sweep stays the same, since it also keeps the cold out and the temperature inside the house regular.

What Other Door and Windows Seals Are Available Nowadays?

We mentioned some common types of door and window seals already, but there are many other options available to customers today. In addition to the options already mentioned, customers can count on other seals such as tubular rubber, vinyl, silicone, and more. So, if you would like to keep your options open, be sure to check out all the door and window seals available at Spotlight.

Do you need some help choosing the right door and window seal for your home? Or do you have a question about door and window seals available today? Get in touch with the experts at Spotlight for additional info.



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