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What are Valance Rods used for?

Valance rods are used to hang up window valances which are used to decorate the tops of your windows.

Window valances are similar to curtains but only cover up the top portions of windows. Valances can also be hung over the tops of curtains to cover up curtain rods and other curtain fixtures. Aside from giving your curtains and window treatments a more elegant finished look, valances also help create a nicer looking frame for your windows.

What is the difference between valance rods and curtain rods?

Since window valances are often used to hide curtain rods and other curtain hardware, you'll need to hang them using valence rods to make sure no mounting brackets or curtain rods are exposed. Unlike regular curtain rods that are completely straight and finished with decorative finials at both ends, valance rods are bent at a 90 degree angle at both ends. This eliminates the need for mounting brackets since the ends of the valence rods are already perpendicular to the wall.

Spotlight also sells tension rods which don't require any additional brackets to mount. These are tightened against the insides of your window frames and are used to hang valances and tiered café - sheers where there isn't any empty wall space on either side of the window.

How are window valences hung on valence rods?

In order to make sure no hardware is exposed, window valences are usually attached to valence rods using rod pockets or clips instead of the more typical rings and eyelets used in regular curtains. Window valences can also be hung up on valence rods from end to end up to the surface of the wall or the window frame so that it completely covers the elbow bends and mounting screws.

Where can I find window valances online?

Spotlight offers window valences made out of sheer fabrics, which are great choices if you're looking for window treatments to brighten up a space. We also have café - sheers, which come in sets of two matching sheer curtains where one is used as a valance to cover the top of the window, while the other covers the lower half. These are a great alternative if you want to let in a lot of light into a space while still having a good amount of privacy.

If you'd like to make window valences using your own curtain fabrics, check out our selection of paper patterns from our Sewing & Fabrics section. Spotlight also stocks a wide variety of curtain fabrics ranging from uncoated cotton and polyester fabrics, sheer fabrics, as well as coated and triple weave blockout fabrics, room darkening fabrics and thermal curtain fabrics. We also have all the essentials you'll need to sew valances and curtains at home such as heading tape, eyelets, clips and rod pockets.

Where should I hang my window valances?

Window valences provide a great way to dress up windows while still allowing a good amount of ambient light in. They can easily brighten up rooms and spaces like kitchens, breakfast nooks and bathrooms. The most common places to hang window valences are on windows that are located over kitchen sinks and counters.

You can also use window valences to match your curtains and furniture to create a more formal and finished look in your living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Valances can also be placed on top of entryways that lead to a different area in a space along with a matching set of drapes.



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