Roman Blinds

A stylish alternative to roller blinds, Roman Blinds are sleek + provide a trendy look without the fuss! Discover the stunning varieties online today!

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What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are window blinds that are made of fabric, and have a mechanism that draws them up in sections or large pleats. They offer a slightly more stylish and time softer look than roller blinds, and are ideal for tall windows, multiple window bays, or windows where you may not want to draw the curtains across, but do want to have a covering at the top of the window.

Can I buy Roman blinds at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers a large selection of interior blinds including Roman blinds in a number of colours and sizes. All Roman blinds come with the required fixings and installation instructions. If you are installing your own Roman blinds or other interior blinds, always take care with blind cords as they are a danger to small children and must be installed to comply with safety regulations.

Spotlights Roman blinds offer block-out protection, and the ingenious Day/Night Roman Blinds come as a dual blind that allows you to choose the level of light that you want to let into your rooms, by lowering one or both of the blinds to varying degrees.

Can Roman Blinds be cut to size?

It is possible to cut the sides of roman blinds and the rod that they are fixed to fit the width of your windows, but it is not normally possible to change the length of a Roman Blind, as their pleats are fixed to the mechanism that opens and lowers the blinds. Most Roman blinds offer two or three different levels at which they can be fixed open.

Can I make my own Roman Blinds?

With the Roman Blind kit from Spotlight it is in fact surprisingly easy to make your own Roman Blind. This is ideal if you want to use a matching fabric for your curtains or other soft furnishings in your home, and can provide a striking focal point at your window. It is also possible to make Roman blinds with two contrasting fabrics, creating borders along the bottom or sides.

Spotlight stocks a large range of different curtain fabrics that are sold by the metre, which can be used to make your own Roman Blinds.

Where can I install Roman blinds?

Roman blinds can be installed anywhere where you can install a window blind, although they are not recommended for very low windows as their design blocks out light at the top of a window, unless the blinds can be fixed above the window. They are great for tall, narrow windows or you can use multiple Roman Blinds for wider window expanses.

As an alternative to Roman blinds, Spotlight also stocks roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and roll-up blinds, as well as exterior blinds.



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