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Is Your Child Starting Primary School? Make Sure You Provide Your Child with the Essential School Supplies from Spotlight!

Buying new school supplies can be pricy, but not at Spotlight! At Spotlight, customers can find the best school supplies at the lowest prices, so we are sure you will find what you need today. To help you on your way, we have listed the essential school supplies for primary school below, so you are sure your child will have the best school supplies to start primary school.

What Is the First Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

One of the first essentials you will need to look at is a good backpack, which will be an essential for a child starting in primary school. Even though the backpack might not be as heavy as a backpack of someone in secondary school, a sturdy and durable backpack is still required.

For some children, it is a good idea to choose a backpack that will make them excited for school - for example, a backpack with an illustration of the child's favourite cartoon character. At Spotlight, you can find many of these options, but also plain backpacks if you prefer to keep things a little more formal.

What Is the Second Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

Another essential your child will need for primary school is a selection of coloured pencils. These coloured pencils will be used for many things - this includes drawing and other crafting projects in primary school. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose some durable and high-quality colouring pencils from the start.

Spotlight offers several sets containing delightful colouring pencils. Naturally, each of these sets comes with its own range of benefits. So, it is always a good idea to discover your options before you decide.

What Is the Third Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

Children will need colouring pencils for their art projects in primary school, but they will also need some felt tip pens. Even though felt tip pens are not used as often as colouring pencils, they are still an essential part of primary school that your child will need. So, when looking for decent colour pencils, don't forget about the felt tip pens either.

What Is the Fourth Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

Another essential a child will need for primary school is a good pencil case - this to store their ballpoint pens, but also the colouring pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpener they will need for school.

Spotlight offers quite the range of pencil cases - this includes dedicated pencil cases for little girls and little boys. There are also some unique pencil cases available, which will make your child's pencil case stand out considerably from the rest.

Even though there are loads to choose from Spotlight, we do advise choosing a pencil case that matches the needs of the child. If you have obtained many colouring pencils and pens, please make sure that the pencil case can hold all these supplies without trouble.

What Is the Fifth Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

In addition to colouring pencils, a pencil case, and pens, you will also need a couple of erasers. In primary school, teachers often ask children to solve some of the math equations in pencil, and mistakes are commonly made! Therefore, a good eraser makes sure your child can correct their mistakes quickly and efficiently. A good eraser also proves useful for those art projects.

What Is the Sixth Essential My Child Will Need for Primary School?

Your child will need some essentials for lunch too - this includes a good lunch box and a drink bottle. Even though you could provide your child with some cardboard juice boxes, it is essential that your child remains hydrated in school. So, having a good drink bottle and lunch box will be two essentials your child requires for primary school.

At Spotlight, customers can find lunch boxes as well as good drink bottles for their child. When you choose a backpack, please ensure there is a dedicated space for the drink bottle too - this ensures your child will have easy access to it when needed.

Where Can I Find More Essentials for Primary School at Spotlight?

On this page, customers can find an endless number of essentials for school-going children. Check out the section of essential school supplies today, and discover the vital supplies your child will require for school.

Do you have a question about any of our essential school supplies? Or are you looking for something specific, but having problems locating it in our selection of essential school supplies? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team if you require assistance.



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