Discover an incredibly life-like collection of artificial flowers and plants available at Spotlight online. Browse our craft and hobby range at Spotlight.

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Whatever form of art or craft you would like to engage in, Spotlight has all the materials you need to get started. Sometimes our hobbies become real passions and with Spotlight’s lowest price guarantee, you can indulge your passion as much as you like without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the stage you are at in life, it is never too late to learn something new. Perhaps you always dreamed of becoming a florist, but your life took you in another direction. With Spotlight’s help you can still make your fantasy become a reality in the form of a hobby. If you are a budding florist, pop into your nearest Spotlight store and take a moment to stop and smell the roses – or at least check out all the floral materials in their art and craft section.

What could I make with Spotlight’s floristry items?

From all the top brands such as Vivaldi, Reliance and Critters comes a delightful range of artificial floral items, accessories, embellishments and flowers.

The art of floristry can be applied to so many facets in life. Perhaps you want to make centrepieces for your Christmas table or for a friend or family member’s wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration.  Flowers add a distinctive note to any formal occasion and if they are hand-made they are even more special.

Floral accessories can dress up a hat, fascinator or any item of clothing creating a charming garment with a unique flair.

Requiring no maintenance, artificial flower arrangements can brighten a dull corner of your home décor or even add colour to your outdoor entertaining area.

Artificial flower arrangements are a popular addition to many office-based businesses. Their realistic petals and leaves strongly replicate the real thing without the need for watering and replacing.

What floristry products does Spotlight sell?

Spotlight’s range of artificial floral items is blossoming! From garlands to single sprays and five or six head sprays along with vertical gardens - there are flowers galore at Spotlight.

All the tools and equipment you need to create your floral masterpieces are there too, like floristry pins, corsage pins, floral craft cutters even floral foam wet or dry bricks for holding your stunning arrangements in place. All these items represent excellent value for money and are perfect for any craft, home decor, or scrapbooking project as well as your special events.



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