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These pretty archive storage boxes are just the thing to keep all your larger hobby and craft supplies, as well as bills, photographs, mementos and other loose items neatly stored out of side in your dining room, study, hobby room or other places around the home. Choose from storage boxes in colourful designs with labels to tell you what is inside, or use the handy box files with elasticated closures for papers up to A4 in size. For smaller items such as beads, stones, charms and loom bands, you can find other handy craft storage items in our craft section here at Spotlight too.

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Can I buy archive storage boxes at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight have an extensive range of beautifully designed archive storage boxes available both instore and online, making it easy for you to buy exactly what you need. At such low prices, our archive storage boxes represent excellent value and come in many different styles, sizes, colours and prices. Our quality products include great ranges from popular brands such as Cooper & Co., Francheville and OfficeMax.

What types of archive storage boxes does Spotlight have?

Our colourful cardboard storage boxes come in A4 size, perfect for storing your important papers. Cooper & Co design a range of white, wooden storage organisers which look great anywhere in the home. Our versatile range of storage boxes include cardboard box files with elastic closures, leverarch folders, document wallets, magazine files, zip pouches and more in attractive, colourful designs and patterns so that your storage zones are not only functional, they look great too!

What sizes do Spotlight's archive storage boxes come in?

Because our range of products is so broad, the sizes depend on which product you are considering for your storage needs. Whether you need a cardboard box file for storing a large amount of paper, a cardboard magazine file or a cardboard pen holder for all your writing implements - we've got your storage needs covered - big or small, many or few. Our website details the sizes of all our products, or you can pop into your nearest Spotlight store to check out or range in person.

What sorts of things are Spotlight's archive storage boxes suitable for?

Our storage boxes come in such colourful, interesting designs that they can be used in many rooms in your home, not just in the study or office but also in the bedrooms, hallway, family room or any other suitable places around your home. They make a bright and colourful addition to your study or home office and the children's bedrooms, keeping their things organised and easily found.

They are suitable for storing loose papers or paper files of any kind, study notes, invoices and receipts, photographs, magazines, folders or any kind of keepsakes. Your important items will be safe, secure and tidy but also easily accessible when you need them.

Our range of storage organisers also includes pen holders for study, home office, family room or even the kitchen, attractive wood storage organisers for things like mail, bills waiting to be paid, school notices and zip folders and portfolios for when you are out and about on the move with your important papers. For handy hobby or craft storage items see our extensive range of organisers in the craft section both online and instore at Spotlight.

Does Spotlight offer discounts and sale items?

Yes! Become a Spotlight VIP member and enjoy VIP discounts, invitations to VIP nights, exclusive email offers and a 10% discount on your birthday!



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