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From space labs to scribble scrubbies, there are exciting activity sets & kits to keep the kids busy & entertained. Check out the range at Spotlight!

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Keeping The Kids Entertained: Top Tips From Spotlight

Keeping the kids entertained can be challenging, especially when you are stuck inside your home for a longer period of time. Fortunately, you can count on some amazing tips and products from Spotlight to keep the kids happy and entertained.

What Are Some Suitable Afternoon Activities For Kids?

There is pretty much no limit to afternoon activities, especially when you take advantage of the activity kits at Spotlight. The best thing about Spotlight's activity kits is that they are educational as well, which ensures your children learn something while they play. When you use one of the activity kits in the Spotlight range, always make sure that the kit you choose is age appropriate. Spotlight provides suitable activity kits for children of all ages, so you can find something for all ages in the collection quite easily.

In addition to our activity kits, there are many other things you can try. Another one of our stern favourites is a crafting activity. Not only is this educational as well, children love making something and then displaying it as a keepsake. When it comes to crafting supplies for kids, you will find the supplies you need at Spotlight too. Like our range of activity kits, you will have loads of options to choose from - this includes base crafting materials such as paint and paper, but also less common crafting materials such as chenille sticks and glitter glues.

Finally, do not forget to use your garden when it comes down to activities. If you have a garden, then organising some activities outside is bound to entertain the kids and make them tired for bedtime too. Of course, this is also the recommended activity for kids that are difficult eaters, as the outside activity is bound to make them hungry. When you need supplies for an outside activity for the kids, you will find many options at Spotlight too. There are countless toys that are suitable for outside use, which your kids will have hours of fun with. Be sure to check out the outdoor toy collection too, as there are so many options out there for an affordable price!

What Are Suitable Activities For Kids Before Bed?

One of the activities that demands extra consideration is the activity you organise before bedtime. After all, you do not want the kids too energetic just before bedtime. Some activities can fuel that energy, while others help your kids to get ready for bed. Choosing the right activities is key to make the evening run smoothly.

There are many activities to choose from, but classic bedtime stories are still best when you want to prepare children for bed. It is also one of the most affordable activities, as children tend to get preferences for certain stories. In other words, you might end up reading the same story over and over again. On the flipside, it saves a lot of money where evening activities are concerned.

Activity Sets Current Available At Spotlight

When you need the right activity set for kids, you will find what you need at Spotlight. The collection contains a carefully selected set of activity kits, each bringing a unique activity to the table.

Traditional playing cards with unique themes, chemistry sets, knitting kits, bath activities, memory cards… Those are just a few of the activity kits that can be found at Spotlight. With so much excitement to choose from, you can most certainly involve the kids in the decision. There is bound to something that will catch their eye. In addition to our range of activity kits, be sure to check out Spotlight's other sections with toys. Activity kits is not the only thing that is offered at Spotlight, so be sure to take full advantage of the amazingly low prices.



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