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Take a look at our great collection of painting essentials here at Spotlight! With items suitable for kids as well as for adults, this range covers all types of handy tools and other essentials for painters and other artists. Here you will find easels, palettes, pencils and brushes, sponges, storage and other painting and drawing essentials. We also stock a huge range of other artists supplies, tools and accessories here at Spotlight in one convenient place.

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Discover the Painting Essentials for Beginners at Spotlight?

Starting on your first piece of art can be daunting, not because you don't have inspiration, but because you have no idea about the essentials you will need to begin your project. To help beginners out, we have created an overview of painting essentials. So, be sure to read on to discover what you'll need.

What Is the First Painting Supply I Will Need?

Before you can start creating your artwork, you will need the most important thing: paint! However, this is where you must decide already, because you will have to choose between oil paint, acrylics, and other options available to you.

After you have decided on the type of paint you will use, you must buy your essential colours too. Some of the essentials for painting includes white, black, red, blue, yellow and crimson. Of course, you could obtain many other colour variations, but these colours will be vital for your art.

What Is the Second Painting Supply I Will Need?

You cannot apply any paint to a canvas without some paintbrushes. Of course, the type of paintbrushes you will use depends on the paint you are working with - for example, acrylics or oil paints.

There are different types of paintbrushes, and more information about each type can be found in our brushes section too. Fortunately, you do not have to empty your wallet to get the paintbrushes you need, since you should only need two small, medium, and large round brushes to get you started.

Sometimes it could prove useful to buy a brush set, which should provide you with more advanced brushes once you become more proficient at your craft. Still, if you want to save a few dollars in the beginning, the brushes we mentioned above are more than enough.

What Is the Third Painting Supply I Will Need?

Artists who decide to work with oil paint will need something other than water to clean their paintbrushes. As you well know, oil paint must be cleaned with a special paint thinning solution such as turpentine.

Of course, some artists cannot stand the smell of turpentine in their studio. Fortunately, there are some less intense smelling alternatives nowadays, but you must be careful and ensure they are just as efficient as turpentine before you buy them. Therefore, it is often recommended to get some suggestions from your fellow oil painters.

What Is the Fourth Painting Supply I Will Need?

For most paints you work with, you will require a good palette. We are not talking about a palette of paint though, but a palette to mix your paints on. As an artist, you usually start with the basic colours and blend them yourself later, which is why a palette is so useful to have!

What Is the Fifth Painting Supply I Will Need?

Naturally, you will need something to paint on too. While canvas is usually the optimal choice for artists, there are alternatives you could be using. Even though you could buy the artist canvas, which could be quite pricy, you could also choose the more affordable pre-stretched canvas, which provides you with the same benefits for a lesser price.

What Is the Last Painting Supply I Will Need?

Even though there are artists who do not use one, getting an easel is especially recommended with paint. Ideally, you want a hybrid easel, which allows you to paint horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

There are more affordable options than the hybrid, but it could come in handy for artists who decide to switch their painting style later. For example, if you have bought an easel for oil painting, but would prefer to transition to watercolour, then you do not have to worry if you have a hybrid.



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