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Brother Scan N Cut FAQs

Once you start using the Brother Scan N Cut, we're sure you'll wonder what you did without it. However, before you make the leap, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

What materials does the Brother Scan N Cut work well with?

The Brother Scan N Cut is unbeatable when it comes to cutting paper and other paper grades like printer paper, tissue paper, glitter and scrapbook paper. It also works with cardstock, tracing paper and poster board paper.

Besides everything paper, this nifty device can cut a range of fabrics like cotton, flannel and denim, as well as vinyl, plastic and foam sheets.

How long will my Brother Scan N Cut accessories last - such as mats and blade?

The life of your mats and blade will vary according to what you use them for, the material you're working with, and how often they're used. Selecting the appropriate mats and blade for your material of choice will ensure these tools are not overworked and, consequently, this will help extend their lifespan.

Take, for example, the low-tack adhesive mat, which works best with lighter materials such as thin and thin-patterned papers, tissue paper, vinyl and computer paper. Conversely, the standard mat is made for tougher materials like more coloured paper, painted canvas, chipboard, cardboard, denim, leather, heavy and regular cardstock.

The Brother Scan N Cut SDX1000 machine model features auto-blade sensor technology that automatically detects material thickness to cut precise custom and built-in patterns. This functionality not only helps preserve the life of your blade but it also extends the life of any mats, while saving you time in the process.

Like any other tool, how often they're used and how they're stored (eg. avoiding direct sunlight, keeping mat covers on when not in use, etc.) will make sure you get great value for money from your tools.

How do I update my Brother Scan N Cut machine?

Brother provides free software updates for the range of Scan N Cut machines. Simply visit the Brother website - - download the updates to your USB device, place it in your Brother Scan N Cut and follow the on-screen instructions.

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