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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing Sheets And Other Bedding For Your Child's Bedroom

The selection of the appropriate bed linen is extremely important, not only for your own bedroom, but also your child's bedroom. So, how do you start selecting the most comfortable and efficient bed linen for your child's room? Check out our useful guide to sheets and other bedding below to find out.

What Are The Most Important Factors When Selecting Bed Linen?

There are four factors that you should always consider when selecting bed linen for any bedroom. Evidently, one of these factors will be more important to you than others, so be sure to prioritise them according to their importance to you.

Fabric fibre - The fabric fibre bed linen is made of will have an influence on its overall comfort and feel. As a general rule of thumb, thinner fabric fibres ten to make sheets feel softer and more comfortable. Therefore, natural fabric fibres such as cotton and linen tend to be incredibly popular for a variety of sheets.

Evidently, not all linen and cotton fabric fibres are made equally. For example, special Egyptian cotton has the reputation of being incredibly soft but can cost quite a bit more than some other materials being used for bed linen. Real Egyptian cotton is also quite rare, as only a small area in Egypt can produce this special type of cotton.

Fabric weight - In addition to the fabric fibre, you must also pay special attention to the weight of the fabric. When it gets a little colder, heavier fabrics tend to be more beneficial for warmth. However, if you are looking for something to use in warmer temperatures, then a more lightweight fabric will be the right pick.

Thread count - Most people are familiar with thread count and its importance for comfort and durability. If you choose a higher thread count, your sheets will not only be more comfortable, they will also be more durable.

Fabric finish - Some manufacturers add a special finish to their bed linen, this can influence the texture of the bedding, but also the colour and the overall softness. A special finish can also influence how easy it is to maintain certain bedding. So, it is always a good idea to look for special finishes and their benefits.

What Fabric Types Are Popular These Days?

There are various fabrics that are used for bed linen. In our overview below, you can find the most interesting and popular options of all.

Polyester-cotton blend - A blend of polyester and cotton is one of the most affordable options out there. It combines the benefits of synthetic materials with those of natural materials. Polyester is known for its durability, while cotton provides a lot of softness and breathability.

In addition to their superior comfort and durability, a polyester and cotton blend is quite easy to maintain. It is relatively easy to iron too, so if you like minimal maintenance, bed linen made from polyester and cotton will be a great option.

Egyptian cotton - A lot of manufacturers label their sheets with Egyptian cotton, but genuine Egyptian cotton is quite expensive and relatively rare. Therefore, be sure to check the origins of the cotton that has been used to create bed linen.

Most people acquire Egyptian cotton for their superior softness and its beautiful look. Thread count is variable depending on the origin of the fibres and the manufacturer.

Regular cotton - Despite all the varieties and special blends out there, regular cotton and brushed cotton sheets are still popular across the board. Regular cotton is known for its breathability and comfortable feel, while brushed cotton provides superior softness.

Since cotton is a popular natural fabric fibre, you can find cotton sheets in a lot of different colours, this often to the same extend as sheets made from a polyester and cotton blend.

Linen - If you are looking for a hypoallergenic option for your child, then you could consider sheets made from linen. Linen has high breathability but is also resistant to various bacteria and allergens. The material is also more durable than the average cotton material, although it can be a little more expensive than most cotton sheets and bedding.



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